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Addiction Intervention Cost

How Much Does an Addiction Intervention Cost?

If what you have read about interventions has resonated with you, the next step is to speak with one of our Certified Addiction Interventionists. They will determine if your loved one in fact needs an intervention or if they are already open to treatment.  If an intervention is required prior to admission into addiction treatment, arrangements will be made. Your interventionist will explain to you exactly what to expect during an intervention. Most interventions are between $1000-$3000 depending on location and travel requirements (but may be more if there are special requirements).

If an intervention is deemed unnecessary then a suitable referral can be made according to the special treatment needs and modalities required by the loved one in need.

All calls are completely secure and confidential and with the assurance that open dialogue about your loved one in crisis will be met with understanding and compassion – from years working in the field of addiction treatment, all stories have been heard, each with a uniquely tailored solution that can restore hope and ignite healing. Upon picking up the phone, be assured that same-day interventions and treatment admissions are possible.