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Christian Drug Rehab Alabama

At LINKS Christian drug rehab in Alabama, we believe in the healing power of Christ to overcome our darkest struggle. This faith-based mentality is highlighted at the Christian tract of Northbound Treatment Center where we believe a relationship with Christ and sustainable recovery go hand in hand. Our Alabama Christian ...
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Christian Drug Rehab Georgia

Substance abuse has a wide breadth of impact. It has a lasting effect not only on the sufferer’s physical health and mental health, but the relationships of those in their life are negatively impacted by the addiction. The overwhelming impact drug and alcohol abuse have on a family unit means ...
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Christian Drug Rehab California

If addiction is part of your story, you do not need to struggle alone. Whether addiction and mental illness run in your family or you feel as if no one can understand the challenges you are facing, we are here to help with sustainable, Bible-focused Christian drug rehab in California ...
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Drug Rehab Illinois

Asking for help is not easy. But with a caring support system and the healing power of Christ, it could be the most important decision you ever make. LINKS is a Christian Drug Rehab Center in Illinois and serves as the Christian tract of Northbound Treatment. For those who wish ...
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Christian Drug Rehab North Carolina

Faith is at the center of all things—including recovering from addiction. It is through asking for help from both our fellow man and our Lord Jesus Christ that we can grow to become the people we were always meant to be. If you are in North Carolina and you are ...
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Christian Drug Rehab Tennessee

The relationship between spiritual practice and long-term sobriety is well documented and can play a significant part in the sustainability of recovery for those struggling with substance abuse. That is why we have made it a priority to bring Christ-centered treatment to those who need it most. LINKS is the ...
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Christian Drug Rehab Texas

Drug addiction is not a simple problem, there is a lot of vagueness that needs to be addressed. Many people have confused notions about drug addiction. But drug addiction is actually considered a disease. This disease hinders the life of an individual in many ways by disrupting their mental health, ...
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How Should a Sober Christian Handle Depression

How Should a Sober Christian Handle DepressionToday, an estimated 7.1% of the U.S. population, or 17.3 million people struggles with major clinical depression. This heavily overlaps with substance abuse and substance use disorder, as millions of people self-medicate and use substances to treat depression. People with depression are more likely ...
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9 Tips for Avoiding Relapse as A Christian

9 Tips for Avoiding Relapse as A ChristianMoving out of rehab and back into daily life can be an intensely difficult thing. While you’ve likely worked on building the skills to navigate and thrive in daily life, actually doing so is a big step. It’s also one that many people ...
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When a Fellow Christian Admits to Opioid Addiction

When a Fellow Christian Admits to Opioid AddictionIf your brother or sister in God comes to you with a problem as serious as addiction, it can be difficult to decide what to do. On the one hand, it behooves you to respond with the grace and respect that your Faith asks ...
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How Should a Sober Christian Make New Year’s Resolutions?

How Should a Sober Christian Make New Year’s Resolutions?Moving into a New Year is a wonderful time to evaluate your life, set new goals, and move towards a better future for yourself. As a Christian in recovery, setting those goals requires taking more time and care than the average person ...
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What Should a Christian in Recovery Do on Christmas?

What Should a Christian in Recovery Do on Christmas?  Moving into rehab and then back into your life is an intensely difficult process. Depending on your situation, you’ve likely lost friends and family, cannot spend time with old friends (who likely drink or use), and might just be in the first stages of ...
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