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Study Finds Addiction Treatment is Cheaper than no Treatment


Last week, the journal Addiction published a study asserting that sending a family member to Alcoholism treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab can actually have a positive impact on your purse strings.The study analyzed 48 families who had a family member suffering from alcoholism. They followed the financial impact of the alcoholic family member receiving 12 months of treatment for alcoholism. They concluded that the cost of active alcoholism was 20% of the family’s total income compared to just 4% of the total income if the alcoholic received treatment.

The researchers also accounted for opportunity cost – the time each family had to spend caring for the alcoholic rather than working, for example, which also had the potential of exhausting the family’s finances. They found that the time spent caring for the alcoholic family member was around 8 hours rather than 32 hours had they not been in treatment.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Hans Joachim Salize who is with the Central Institute on Mental Health stated, “when health services and policymakers study the costs and benefits of treating alcoholism, they need to know that treatment has an immense financial effect not just on the alcoholic but also on his or her spouse, partner, children and parents. The benefits of treatment reach well beyond the individual patient.”

There are various facets of active alcoholism and addiction that are difficult to quantify, but do create major financial constraints over time, such as health care costs, loss of employment or inability to work, legal or attorney fees and increased health or auto insurance premiums. When looking at the cost of addiction treatment centers in the US, it initially appears to be a great financial commitment. However, as the study indicates, it is often far less than the financial burden of supporting active addiction and alcoholism over time. This is especially the case for reputable drug treatment centers that offer comprehensive treatment options tailored for the individual and ongoing support that fosters lifelong sobriety.

If you or a family member is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, our Christian drug rehab center can help. By treating addiction thoroughly through inpatient addiction treatment, it will reduce not only the financial burden of addiction on the family over time, it will also reduce the emotional burden.