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How Do I Find a Celebrate Recovery Meeting Near Me?

Accepting that you need help is the first step of recovery from addiction. It’s important to admit you are powerless over the substance that is causing you harm. From there, you can commit to healing the body, mind, and spirit as you make the changes necessary to create ongoing sobriety.

In order to get the help you need, there are two main resources you’ll want to consider—recovery centers like Northbound Treatment Center and support groups. You may be wondering why support groups are important, and how you can find a Christian support group. Below is more information about support groups, Celebrate Recovery, and Northbound Treatment Center’s Christian Tract known as Christian Drug Rehab.

The Importance of Support Groups

Support groups offer the opportunity for those suffering from the disease of addiction to connect with others, feel a sense of community, and work to reach their common goals. Often, support groups are built around the 12 steps. These steps help those in recovery to find God, make reparations, and create ongoing positive change in their lives.

Support groups are generally anonymous, which allows those in recovery to share openly without fear. No matter how bad things have gotten, there is always room for forgiveness and healing. Support groups help those in recovery to find purpose, love themselves, and strengthen their faith for a sober future.

Individuals put their hands on a tree during a healing experience at a Christian Drug Rehab support group meeting

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is a program that is similar to AA and other 12-step programs. However, Celebrate recovery puts an emphasis on Jesus Christ rather than a general “higher power.” The 12 steps are utilized and are foundational to Celebrate Recovery, but are interpreted through the lens of Christianity. This allows those in recovery to connect with other Christians, while still benefiting from the 12 steps.

Celebrate Recovery also uses “The 8 Principles of Recovery.” These principles are unique to Celebrate Recovery, and are based on the words of Jesus. Combined with the 12 steps, this program offers Christians a powerful recovery program tailored to meet their specific needs.

How Do I Find a Celebrate Recovery Meeting Near Me?

If you are looking for a Celebrate Recovery meeting near you, follow this link: from there, you can search for a meeting in your area!

Treatment Programs in Conjunction with Celebrate Recovery

If you are early on in recovery or you have just made the decision to seek help, you should consider an inpatient or outpatient treatment program, in addition to participation in Celebrate Recovery. These programs are designed to help you through early recovery and provide you with the support you need in this difficult period of time. 

A group of friends stands outside on a cliff overlooking the ocean with arms reaching high as they celebrate their recovery journey together.

While there are some treatment centers that are secular, there are others programs  that are based around the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christian Drug Rehab offers a Christian approach to recovery, 12-step work, therapeutic treatment, bible study, and tools needed to get and stay sober.

Once you’ve made the decision to enroll in a treatment program, our admissions team will speak with you and determine what level of care is right to meet your needs. The two main types of care are inpatient and outpatient.

Inpatient (residential) care involves a patient residing at our treatment facility for the duration of their treatment. This allows our specialists to ensure safety and adherence to the recovery program.

Outpatient treatment is for those that require a lower level of care and have outside obligations like work and family. While patients visit the treatment center for a few hours at a time throughout the week and return home afterward, they still receive the same treatment as those in residential care.

Both inpatient and outpatient patients at Northbound Treatment Center learn life skills and valuable coping mechanisms to help with ongoing sobriety and overcoming cravings. Patients receive spiritual guidance, along with medical treatment and therapy.

For more information about Christian recovery, reach out to Christian Drug Rehab at Northbound Treatment Center today. We’d be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you have about our recovery programs.


Once you’ve made the decision to stop the use of drugs or alcohol, you’ll need to undergo medical detox. Detoxification (detox) is the process of the body ridding itself of toxic substances. This phase is necessary and can’t be avoided. While it’s a good thing overall, it can also be very uncomfortable and even dangerous. Detoxing often comes with withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms are mild, while other times they are harmful and dangerous. In order to detox safely, you need to check into a medical facility or recovery center that offers medical detoxification services.

Common substances that require detoxification include: 

  •       Liquor
  •       Heroin
  •       Cocaine
  •       Methamphetamine
  •       Narcotics
  •       Benzodiazepines
  •       MDMA

A medical detox facility will manage the symptoms of withdrawal and ensure your safety. Do not try to stop the use of drugs and/or alcohol on your own! Seek medical support.

Faith-Based Rehabilitation Near You

While there are a lot of different types of treatment, for Christians, faith-based rehabilitation is often the most effective. With faith-based rehabilitation, you’ll be able to strengthen your bond with our Lord Jesus Christ, while also receiving the treatment you need to get and stay sober.

Some of the specific benefits of a faith-based rehabilitation center include: 

  •       A Christianl medical staff.
  •       A community of Christians to connect with spiritually
  •       Bible study as part of the healing process
  •       Healing of the body and the spirit
  •       An environment built around the serenity provided by Jesus 

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If you are ready to seek help for your addiction, reach out to Christian Drug Rehab at Northbound Treatment Center today! We will discuss the different programs that we offer and how we can help you to overcome your addiction.

We are a Christian drug rehab center. This means we not only will help you to overcome your addiction, but also reconnect with your spirit and the life God intended for you. 

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