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Christian Recovery Begins With a Phone Call
Addiction affects every individual differently, but one common experience of those who suffer from substance abuse is shame. At LINKS, the Christian tract of Northbound Treatment Center, we believe in the power of forgiveness, and faith in God that is larger than our shame and can heal even the deepest of wounds. This is the healing difference of Christ-based rehab.
Our center in Redding, California provides treatment for those who suffer from alcohol or drug abuse and keeps Biblical teachings and a focus on forgiveness at the core. By putting this shame aside, patients can find long-term recovery and develop coping mechanisms that allow each individual to navigate triggers when they arise.

Faith-Based Rehabilitation in Redding, California

Our Redding Christian drug rehab center specializes in recovery programs that involve both modern medical treatment and core values of faith and forgiveness. This combination creates sustainable changes in the lives of participants and their families.
  • A Christian staff that understands both the recovery process and Biblical values
  •  A community of patients that share in the Christian faith
  •  Healing of the body, mind, and soul
  • Study of the Bible to better understand Christ and his teachings
  • A focus on prayer and 12-step recovery work to provide additional support during recovery
  • A focus on God’s forgiveness and what this means for the future

Our Programs: Christian Drug Rehab in Redding, CA

At LINKS, we provide a wide range of treatment options from a Christian perspective and cater directly to the needs of each individual. Our addiction specialists will meet with you or your loved one to understand what treatment option is the best fit.

What is Detoxification?

For those with a severe addiction, detox may be necessary. This process takes around 3-7 days, during which your body cleanses itself of drugs and/or alcohol. This can be very hard on the body, and our Christan drug rehab center is uniquely equipped to handle the detox process and any medical challenges that may arise.

Inpatient Treatment in Redding

For patients that require a higher level of care and for more severe addictions, there is inpatient treatment in Redding. Inpatient (residential) programs involve a patient staying at our Christian drug rehab facility for the duration of treatment. This allows our staff to monitor them round the clock and patients can begin to learn coping strategies that will be necessary for a sustainable recovery.
Our addiction specialists will let you know if they believe inpatient treatment is the best option for you or your loved one.

Outpatient Treatment in Redding

If your assessment specialist determines you require a lower level of care, they may recommend outpatient treatment. This form of treatment is great for patients that have at-home and/or work obligations or have completed inpatient treatment.
During outpatient treatment, the patient comes into our treatment facility for a few hours at a time for multiple days throughout the week. During this time, they will receive counseling from a Christian therapist, and learn positive and Bible-based strategies to help them cope with challenges when they arise.

Support Groups: Christian Drug Rehab

There is a reason that support groups like AA have been around for dozens of years – they work! Support groups allow addicts to connect and form communities built around recovery and long-term sobriety. New members can meet others with experience navigating the challenges that come along with addiction and learn how faith in a higher power helped these individuals get sober – for good.

We highly encourage our patients to join faith-based support groups to find a like-minded community throughout the recovery process. Whether a patient is still in treatment, or the patient has graduated from the program, we encourage them to join a support group for additional care. 

Taking the Next Steps: Christian Drug Rehab Redding

No matter how long you have struggled, or what your faith background looks like, our Christian drug rehab in Redding, California welcomes you with open arms. Through Bible-based teachings and professional medical staff – LINKS is here to provide you or your loved one with physical and spiritual healing.
If you are ready to take the next steps and learn more about Christian Drug Rehab in Redding, reach out to us at any time. With a community of support and the power of Christ, healing is possible. Reach out today.

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