Christian Drug Rehab

Finding Treatment

No two people have the same personal experiences or substance abuse history. When you or a loved one commits to getting help for addiction, our Christian Intervention Service consultants provide compassionate, custom recovery management tailored to your unique personal and financial needs. The Christian Intervention Team considers a number of factors before finding and selecting the program that’s right for you. These include:
  •  Detox needs. Some patients need medical guidance and pharmacotherapy as they withdraw from drugs and alcohol, while other clients undergo outpatient detox and manage symptoms at home. Next Step will help you determine the type of detox treatment that will be most effective for you.
  • Addiction severity. Tools like the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) and Alcohol Dependency Scale can assist with treatment planning by pinpointing your level of chemical dependency and emotional stability.
  • Dual-diagnosis management. If you or a family member has a mental health condition that co-occurs with addiction, it is important to approach dual diagnoses in a comprehensive way by integrating treatment for chemical dependency and psychiatric illness.
  • Program costs. We know that addiction treatment can be costly, especially after the cost of an intervention. Our Christian Intervention Service takes your financial situation into account and reviews insurance coverage and financing options before recommending a specific addiction treatment program.
  • Location. In some cases, we suggest residential or out-of-state treatment to remove an addict from triggers that fuel their addiction. Other times, a local clinic near family and support systems may be the best choice.

Securing the Best Addiction Treatment Outcome

We work with the most reputable treatment programs, medical professionals, and rehab facilities throughout the region and the country. For your peace of mind, our preferred providers offer:
  • Licensing & accreditation
  • Certified medical & clinical staff
  • Evidence-based methods & documented success rates
  • Proven security measures
  • Individual & group therapy options
  • Payment assistance (insurance, sliding scale fees or financing programs)
  • Quality aftercare planning
Whether you are looking for a luxury rehab center or a standard residential addiction recovery facility, Our Intervention specialists are available 24/7 to discuss your situation and provide full-service recovery management consulting at no cost to you. Depending upon your budget and personal preferences, some luxury facilities offer amenities like beautiful views, secluded locations, gourmet meals, spa treatments, and innovative “adventure therapy” programs.

Contact Our Christian Intervention Service Today

To learn about outpatient and residential treatment centers or find out more about the addiction treatment process, fill out our simple online form or call (866) 434-1330 today. We welcome your call and are waiting to provide detox, addiction program, and intervention information as you begin your journey to sobriety and healing.
Paul Alexander is the founder of LINKS Christian Drug Rehab Program, the Christian tract of Northbound Treatment. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology, Law, and Society, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of California, Irvine, and a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. Paul received his Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist training at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA, and was awarded the Outstanding Alumni Service Award in 2002. He believes wholeheartedly in Christian programming that incorporates evidence-based treatment with spiritual teachings as the cornerstone in program structure.