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Faith Based Rehab Services

Help and healing are possible through our Christian rehab programs. By promoting faith in Christ as part of our addiction treatment, individuals are able to heal from drug and alcohol abuse while keeping Christ at the core. We have helped countless individuals who have lost their way due to a drug and alcohol addiction and look forward to helping you navigate this journey.

Our Mission as a Christian Rehab

Our mission is to help clients reach sobriety and maintain it for life. To that end, we offer highly successful treatment programs that inject Christ-centered values into every aspect of the healing process — from kicking physical addiction to filling the spiritual void.


Christian Rehab & Healing Services

Northbound’s LINKS program places an emphasis on Christian-based treatment, incorporating the role of faith, hope and Christ centered healing, into its recovery program. Christianity is a source of strength for many individuals and is an amazing, even life-changing opportunity to put faith into practice. The idea that there is something bigger than us—something more powerful than us—can be humbling, centering, and an incredibly moving experience.

Our addiction treatment programs offer every level of treatment for substance abuse, from initial detox to outpatient care. Christian Drug Rehab can also arrange an intervention to aid in the recovery process. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, consider a Christian rehab center that prioritizes faith-based treatment and sustainable sobriety.

We provide faith based treatment because it works. The relationship between faith and spiritual practice and long-term sobriety is well documented. Thousands of men and women have been able to recover from addiction through spiritual work and practice.

The Christian Rehab Difference

We use the power of prayer, therapeutic workshops, Christian fellowship, church services, evidence-based treatment practices, our treatment centers, and professionals to help you reconcile and restore broken relationships. Additionally, addiction treatment will consist of helping you reclaim your inner strength and dignity through a renewed faith in Jesus. Our substance abuse treatment is based on pillars of faith in a higher power, forgiveness, which has been proven to help individuals more effectively abstain from substance abuse.

Get the help you need.

Christian Based Rehab Centers Near You

If you are ready to take the next step and learn more about how a Christian rehab center can aid in your recovery, feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are here to support you on your journey through drug or alcohol addiction and look forward to walking by your side with faith-based compassion. Call today (866) 434-1330.

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Help and healing are possible through our Christian rehab programs. If you are ready to take the next step and learn more about how a Christian rehab center can aid in your recovery, feel free to reach out to us at any time.
What we offer

Our Christian Addiction Recovery Center

At our Christian treatment center we treat each client individually, looking at their overall physical, mental, and spiritual condition rather than just the mere symptoms of their addiction. Our spiritually based and God centered programs allow clients a greater chance at a lasting recovery from a variety of addictions. Our comprehensive programs include:

Drug Treatment

We treat drug addiction with detoxification and evidence based treatment protocols.

Alcohol Treatment

Many Christians are ashamed of alcohol abuse and try to hide it, causing more isolation.


We offer a residential medically supervised detox program.

Levels of Care

We offer Dertoxification, Residential, PHP and Intensive Outpatient Programs.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis is defined as suffering from both substance abiuse and mental illness.

Christian Counseling

By counseling our clients in God’s word, we see amazing and miraculous life changes.

For Christians on the road from addiction to recovery, it’s also important to find a rehabilitation center that offers faith-based services that can uniquely support your sobriety and journey of spiritual growth.
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What We Offer

Pastoral Counseling

Residents meet with our Pastoral Counselor for individual and group sessions. This empowers our clients to reach down deep into their personal experiences and apply God’s love and healing power to their emotional and spiritual wounds. By counseling our clients in God’s word, we are privileged to see amazing and miraculous life changes.

The Christian Rehab Difference

“Celebrate A New Life” is a Christian tract of Northbound Treatment that helps individuals overcome drug or alcohol addiction with the added faith component. Northbound Treatment is located in coastal Orange County, and is licensed by the California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS), is JCAHO accredited, and is IMS certified.

Celebrate Recovery

Many clients seek out-of-state treatment at our California Christian rehab because we offer Celebrate Recovery®, a Christ-centered ministry for those in recovery at Saddleback Church. So far, already 70,000 people have gone through the Celebrate Recovery® program and curriculum made possible by churches adopting the program.

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