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The Christian Rehab Difference

Our Christian rehab center is distinct from rational approaches to addiction treatment because it focuses on the healing strength that comes from faith in God. At Celebrate A New Life, we utilize these teachings from the Bible, along with 12 step rehab principles, to guide our clients back to a path of faith, love, peace, self-respect and familial ties. Our program helps our clients reaffirm their faith and learn the skills necessary to stay on the path of recovery.
Help and healing are possible through our Christian rehab programs. If you are ready to take the next step and learn more about how a Christian rehab center can aid in your recovery, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

The Christian Rehab Difference

Unwavering Strength

Addiction is one of the most painful and devastating illnesses for a family and the afflicted individual. Faith in the Lord is the backbone of the healing and confidence that is necessary for recovery. To that end, in Christian recovery we introduce clients to sober living through the teachings of Jesus Christ, and use scriptures to overcome day-to-day challenges. We will guide and equip you to build a powerful relationship with God in order to trust Him to intervene in your recovery; in turn, He will fill you with joy and peace, so that “you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13). It’s this hope that gives you unwavering strength in the face of temptation with drugs and alcohol and this path can begin at our Christian rehab.

The Christian Rehab Difference

Long Term Sobriety

Through group and individual therapy, the Christian recovery professionals apply scripture in counseling to help heal, restore and reconcile participants to God and their loved ones and give clients opportunities to apply these teachings to their daily lives and interactions with others. We treat more than just the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction. Our approach covers your emotional state, physical condition and your spiritual well being. The combination of medical science, counseling and faith based teachings is designed to provide a strong foundation for our clients that will foster lifelong recovery. To that end, our Christian rehab focuses on two main goals (1) Helping our clients maintain sobriety on a long-term basis, and (2) Showing our clients how to live according to the teachings of Christ.

For Christians on the road from addiction to recovery, it’s also important to find a rehabilitation center that offers faith-based services that can uniquely support your sobriety and journey of spiritual growth.

The Christian Rehab Difference

Christian Addiction Recovery

  • Accepting help to overcome addiction, not trying to do it alone
  • Resisting negative influences and peer pressure when making decisions
  • Rejecting negative habits and thought processes that lead to substance abuse
  • Experiencing God though fellowship and reading scripture
  • Addressing deeper core issues and gaining freedom from past traumas, hurts and resentments
  • Restoring and maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family and co-workers
  • Living out personal convictions in right relationship with God and learning to say “no”
  • Establishing and protecting boundaries—and distinguishing God’s will from their own
  • Abandoning self-defeating patterns that lead to drug or alcohol relapse
  • Realizing self-dignity and worth through God’s eyes
  • Becoming the best version of yourself, your true-self, as intended by God


Deciding to come to our Christian rehab is the most important step toward recovery. Choosing a rehab that can provide you with all the tools you’ll need to succeed is the next important step. The Christian rehab difference is we help our clients renew their faith in the Lord while offering a full range of rehabilitative services. At Celebrate A New Life we know that faith and spirituality can become your most powerful ally when trying to overcome addiction. With God’s love you can heal your soul and embark on a new journey through life filled with joy and happiness. Christian drug and alcohol addiction recovery requires taking steps toward restoring, or discovering for the first time, a loving bond with God: the ultimate source of renewal.

The Christian Rehab Difference

We use the power of prayer, therapeutic workshops, Christian fellowship, church services, evidence-based treatment practices, our treatment centers, and professionals to help you reconcile and restore broken relationships. Additionally, addiction treatment will consist of helping you reclaim your inner strength and dignity through a renewed faith in Jesus. Our substance abuse treatment is based on pillars of faith in a higher power, forgiveness, which has been proven to help individuals more effectively abstain from substance abuse.