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Christian Addiction Treatment

Easy Admissions Process

As soon as you walk through our doors, our dedicated team of professionals will meet you with compassion and guide you with grace through your tailored treatment plan. Our Christian addiction professionals recognize that everybody’s struggle with addiction is different. That’s why we will customize a personalized course of treatment that encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs to support the recovery process.

Help and healing are possible through our Christian rehab programs. If you are ready to take the next step and learn more about how a Christian rehab center can aid in your recovery, feel free to reach out to us at any time.


Admission into our Christian Addiction Treatment Center

  1. Contact Celebrate a New Life by phone at (866) 434-1330. This is a direct line to our nationally certified intervention specialist and admissions professional. Your questions and needs will be met with knowledge, understanding and compassion. Picking up the phone is hard, but your hesitations will be eased by our confidential and understanding (we have heard it all) professionalism.
  2. You can also fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you or your loved one immediately. All communication is protected by privacy laws to ensure the safety of all parties involved.
  3. We walk you through the admission process and answer any questions you may have about our drug and alcohol treatment program. You’ll also be given information on Orange County, visiting, our treatment schedule, resources for specialized treatment needs and what to bring to treatment.
  4. We will assist you with all aspects of travel arrangements such as flight schedules and sober escorting if indicated.
  5. Financial arrangements will also be made at this time. You or your loved one’s stay will be reserved with Celebrate a New Life after financial arrangements have been made. Arrangements can be made quickly with same-day admission.
  6. New clients will be met at our nearby airports in Orange County (John Wayne Airport SNA), Long Beach or Los Angeles International (LAX).
  7. When an individual enrolls in Celebrate a New Life, our Christian addiction professionals will perform a thorough clinical assessment to identify the client’s particular needs, concerns, and core issues and develop an individualized recovery strategy accordingly.

For Christians on the road from addiction to recovery, it’s also important to find a rehabilitation center that offers faith-based services that can uniquely support your sobriety and journey of spiritual growth.

Christian Drug Intervention

In some cases, a Christian intervention may be indicated before your loved one will be willing or ready to enter addiction treatment. We can assist with the Intervention process and increase the chances of your loved one accepting Christian addiction treatment. Convincing those trapped in the grips of addiction to get help can be a difficult, if not impossible, undertaking. At Celebrate a New Life, we have a proven record of successful Christian interventions. Our nationally certified interventionist works with you to develop a strategy that encourages an addict to recognize the need to get better and agree to Christian addiction treatment. Then, he or she will guide you in communicating your concerns in a loving and supportive manner. Our desire is that the intervention will prompt your loved one to enter a Christian drug treatment program the same day and our success rates have proven this to be the normal outcome of our interventions. If today is the day you’ve chosen to break the chains of addiction, we can give you help today—and a reason to celebrate a tomorrow. Recovering from the isolation and pain of substance abuse requires taking steps toward restoring, or discovering for the first time, a loving bond with God: the ultimate source of renewal.