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Introduction to Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When someone is struggling with an addiction, they may not be aware that they are also struggling with a mental health concern. Individuals living with mental health concerns may find that using drugs or alcohol can provide relief from their symptoms. These substances can be an effective tool for covering up and masking emotional concerns, however, they do not help improve your situation. On the contrary, they will likely worsen your symptoms. 

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2019 showed that approximately 9.5 million adults in the U.S. are struggling with addiction and other mental health concerns. There are a variety of mental health concerns that we see among individuals who are struggling with an addiction. Some examples would include depression, anxiety, mood disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Everyone’s journey to addiction looks different, so it is understandable that the development of your concerns will be unique to you. For example, some individuals know that they struggle with a mental health concern before they develop an addiction, while others are unaware that their struggles are due to a mental health concern. Then there are others who develop mental health concerns after being addicted to substances. While this may resemble the notable “who came first, the chicken or the egg” question, the bottom line is that if you are struggling with both concerns, you need to find a treatment program that can treat both concerns. 

Christians Drug Rehab is a Christian dual diagnosis treatment center in Los Angeles, California. We can provide you with a safe detox program, inpatient addiction rehab, and outpatient addiction treatment. To learn more about the services we offer, call (866) 434-1330 today.

For Christians on the road from addiction to recovery, it’s also important to find a rehabilitation center that offers faith-based services that can uniquely support your sobriety and journey of spiritual growth.


Why is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Needed?

Dual diagnosis treatment has been a focus of research for some time. While there are still a variety of questions to be answered, we have learned that your chances of a healthy and sober life increase when you receive treatment for both. 

Let’s take a moment to think about someone who struggles with alcohol addiction and depression. It is likely that these two mental health concerns impact each other in one way or another. So if they receive treatment for their addiction alone, they will not gain any new skills to help them manage their depression. As a result, they will continue to struggle with their symptoms, contributing to relapse. 

Likewise, if someone is receiving treatment for their mental health concern while they are still drinking or using drugs, the treatment will not be as effective. Our brains function differently when we are in active addiction, impairing our ability to cope with mental health concerns.

The key takeaway from this is that it is imperative that you receive treatment for both concerns at the same time. This allows you to learn skills needed to cope with both struggles, which will help prepare you for future challenges. Additionally, some mental health concerns can be treated with medications that can significantly improve the quality of your life. An accurate assessment and diagnosis can help determine if this approach would be a good fit for you. 

Christians Drug Rehab is a dual diagnosis treatment center that provides faith-based addiction treatment in Orange County, California. Our services include detoxification, inpatient rehab treatment, and outpatient treatment. Call (866) 434-1330 to speak with a representative today.

Help and healing are possible through our Christian rehab programs. If you are ready to take the next step and learn more about how a Christian rehab center can aid in your recovery, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Know What to do in preparation

What to Expect from Our Christian Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

When you arrive at our treatment facility, you will first meet with a member of our medical team for an evaluation. This time will focus on exploring your struggles with drugs and alcohol, physical health, and mental health concerns. This information is then used to develop your unique treatment plan and recommendations for your time with us.

Many of our patients require supervised medical detox. This can last from a few days to a week, depending on your symptoms. During this time, your focus will be on giving your body the time and space it needs to adjust to the changes that occur when you stop using drugs and alcohol.

Once detox is complete, you are then able to proceed into our inpatient rehab program. While you are in our inpatient treatment program, you will have access to treatment for any mental health concerns you are living with. You will meet with a Physician to learn about your treatment options. While having a dual diagnosis is common, it is not the case for all of our patients. As a result, you will notice that individuals who do not have mental health concerns do not have the same treatment design that you do. For some, the time that you spend with us in our inpatient program can be extended to give you the time needed to engage in specialized treatment for your mental health concerns. 

We have two outpatient treatment programs available to you once you complete an inpatient rehab program. This would include our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). PHP programs are also referred to as day programs because they have you engaged in treatment for several hours during the day and allow you to return home in the evening. 

This can be an excellent option for individuals who are in need of additional structure and support after an inpatient rehab program. You would be able to continue receiving treatment for your mental health concerns while in this program. 

IOP programs are similar to PHP programs; however, they typically require fewer hours of treatment and have a shorter duration. This program can be customized to your needs, meaning that the hours you are expected to be in treatment will vary from others. 

If you are considering dual diagnosis Christian rehab in Los Angeles, California, Christians Drug Rehab should be on the top of your list. We offer several levels of care, all of which has dual diagnosis treatment options. To learn more about the services we offer, please call (866) 434-1330 to speak with a representative today.


Completely Heal with Our Christian Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Orange County

Our Christian dual diagnosis program is interdisciplinary by design, offering a comprehensive continuum of care that includes:

  • Medical Assessment
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Christian Counseling
  • 12 Step Program and Meetings
  • Celebrate Recovery Meetings
  • Family Program
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Educational and Therapeutic Workshops

Christians Drug Rehab provides Christian addiction treatment in Los Angeles, California, and services the Orange County area. When you come to our treatment center, you will be greeted by our Christian staff, which includes Physicians, Counselors, Case Managers, and Pastors. 

We combine faith-based approaches and evidenced-based approaches to provide you with holistic care. You will find that our treatment approach targets your mind, body, and spirit. Traditional treatment programs may touch upon spirituality in their programs, whereas we include aspects of your faith in your treatment plan. 

We utilize group therapy, individual therapy, and educational sessions similar to what you would expect in a traditional addiction treatment program. What makes us different is that we also include bible studies, regular church services, and daily morning devotions. You will also have access to spiritual counseling and guidance. 

In addition to our addiction treatment programs, we also offer Family Therapy Services. These services can make a difference in your family relationships in early recovery. Addiction is known to have a negative impact on our lives which has an impact on our loved ones. Family therapy focuses on your family unit, compared to your addiction treatment which will be focused on you. With a counselor’s support, you and your family members can work to better understand a path forward and recognize unhealthy characteristics within your relationships.

We recognize the challenges that arise during addiction and can provide you with the support you need to begin navigating your future. We can provide you with a safe place to grow spiritually and learn different ways to relate to others and God. We invite you to call (866) 434-1330 to learn how Christians Drug Rehab can help you today.