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Your healing journey begins today

Once you have admitted that you need help, you can seek that help out. Our Lord wants you to be happy and get the help you need. Northbound Treatment is simply here to help you along your path.

If you are looking to make real and lasting life changes, consider the Christian treatment tract for drug and alcohol addiction at Northbound Treatment Center. Our Christian drug rehab center has highly trained professionals that know both the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, along with powerful techniques that can be used to free you from your addiction.

We are here to help you to live the life God intends for you.

For Christians on the road from addiction to recovery, it’s also important to find a rehabilitation center that offers faith-based services that can uniquely support your sobriety and journey of spiritual growth.


Christian Addiction Counselors

Our addiction counselors provide our patients with a mix of scientific treatment methods and faith-based treatment. We understand that all things can be done with the help of our Lord, and we know that there are some excellent treatment tools that our Christian addiction counselors can provide to work in tandem with the teachings of Jesus Christ to improve your chances of success with your recovery journey.

Our counselors are highly trained and are experts at providing individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention, 12-step work, spiritual counseling, and more. If you put your trust in our counselors and leave the rest to the Lord, we know you will succeed.

Medical detoxification (detox) is an extremely important step for those stopping the use of drugs and/or alcohol. The side effects of withdrawal can be severe and extremely dangerous. For certain substances, they can even be deadly. Make sure you check into a treatment facility to ensure your withdrawal symptoms are safely managed.

Common substances that require detoxification include: 

  • Liquor/Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Narcotics
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • MDMA

The physical symptoms of withdrawal will generally last around 3-7 days. With the help of medical professionals, the symptoms can be safely managed.  

There are two main treatment programs offered—inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient treatment involves the patient staying at a residential facility for the duration of their treatment. During this time, they are provided with skills and therapeutic treatment designed to improve their chances of success in sobriety.

Inpatient treatment is a higher level of care designed for those that are more at risk. During the admissions process, an admissions specialist will determine if this is the right level of care for you.

Outpatient treatment involves a patient receiving treatment at a facility but then returning home after. This is a good option for patients that have family and work obligations that also require a lower level of care.

With outpatient treatment, a patient will visit our treatment facility for a few hours a day, multiple days throughout the week. During this time, they will learn the same tools as those in inpatient treatment.

Support groups are an excellent tool for those currently in rehab and those that have graduated from a rehabilitation program. 12-step programs focus on ongoing sobriety with the help of a higher power. For us Christians, that higher power is God and our Lord Jesus Christ. 12-step programs provide those suffering from addiction with the tools they need to improve themselves, strengthen their sobriety, and deepen their connection with the Lord.

One major advantage of 12-step support groups is their focus on community. It can be difficult for those suffering from addiction to connect. Those around them may sympathize, but often don’t understand what they are going through. This can feel isolating. 12-step support groups offer a community where the person in recovery can meet others that relate and are going through a similar struggle.

At Northbound Treatment, we believe the best way to recover is through a faith-based rehabilitation program. It is through God that all things are possible—including drug and alcohol recovery.

Some of the specific benefits of a faith-based rehabilitation program include: 

  • Healing through both alternative and traditional therapeutic methods.
  • A mixture of Bible study and traditional treatment.
  • Working closely with a staff made up of other Christians that understand why spirituality is an important aspect of recovery.
  • Removal of feelings of guilt and shame with the help of a 12-step program.
  • A community of other Christians with the same recovery goals.
  • Amazing treatment provided by a Christian medical staff.
  • An environment built around God and the serenity he provides.
Help and healing are possible through our Christian rehab programs. If you are ready to take the next step and learn more about how a Christian rehab center can aid in your recovery, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Christian Addiction Counseling

What to Look for in a Christian Drug Rehab

There are some things that you’ll want to consider not only when looking for the right rehabilitation facility, but also the right Christian rehabilitation facility.

For secular considerations, you’ll need to consider things like:

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Detox Services
  • Insurance Coverage

As for religious considerations, you’ll want to consider:

  • Bible Study
  • Healing Methods Involving Jesus Christ
  • Focus on Christianity
  • Christian Staff


How to Enroll

To enroll in our Christian Drug rehab, you’ll need to follow a few easy steps.

Contact our admissions team through the number on our website, or fill out an online contact form.

Speak with a team member about the program and enrollment.

From there, travel, finances, and insurance can be discussed. Our team is extremely helpful, and we pride ourselves on our ability to walk patients through the enrollment process with ease.

Reach Out Today!

Our team of addiction counselors is made up of experts in the field of addiction and recovery that also have a strong connection with their faith in Christ. They understand the importance of a faith-based recovery and ensure faith is at the forefront. With a mix of secular treatment services and spiritual treatment, Nationwide Treatment provides patients with additional resources that other treatment centers often don’t.

If you are suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction, reach out today. God has a plan for you and there are great things waiting. Allow us to help you to lift the boulder that is getting in your way and live the life of joy and happiness you deserve!