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Christ Centered Addiction Treatment

With Christ centered addiction treatment from Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment center you’ll have the confidence that you’re not alone on your journey to addiction recovery. If you feel as though no one understands what you’re going through or can relate to your unique challenges, you may be right with one exception- Jesus Christ chose to live among us and fully understands the struggles we face, even in our weakest moments. Find out how you’ll benefit from Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment when you contact our staff at 866-434-1330 or continue to explore our online resources for more information.

5 Key Benefits Of A Christ Centered Addiction Treatment Program

1. You don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from time in a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab. If you’ve never considered yourself a Christian, you can still participate in pastoral counseling and mentoring and decide if you want a personal walk with Jesus as a part of your recovery. Often times, patients who first entered a Christian alcohol and drug rehab program as a non-believer leave treatment with a different outlook.

2. You can draw on the healing power of God when you’re going through difficult moments in life, such as detox and rehab. God is mysterious in the various ways that he heals people; sometimes it’s instantaneous while other times it happens slowly, over time.

3. Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers can give you confidence that the creator of the universe is at your side- and will never leave you. When you leave treatment, you’ll face many obstacles while you continue to recover from addiction; however, you’ll be less likely to relapse knowing that you can call on God for help at any time.

4. Substance abuse treatment for Christians is highly effective in achieving long-term recovery goals. The 12-step AA program is just one example of how a Christ centered addiction treatment changes lives. The 12 steps encourage patients in recovery to surrender to a loving God, a step that can help them experence freedom from anxiety.

5. If you’ve tried other contemporary programs to overcome addiction and have found that nothing has worked, you have nothing to lose by trying a faith-based treatment program; additionally, you have a lot to gain. First attempts in rehab are not always successful but before you conclude that relapses are your fault, consider that treatment specialists have recently learned that undiagnosed mental health disorders contribute to ongoing relapse.

Why go through rehab alone when Jesus Christ has a plan for your recovery that involves a personal walk with him as a friend, teacher, and savior? You can experience true peace of mind while healing from the effects of addiction at Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment centers. 

Read about our levels of care, including detox, residential rehab, IOP, and PHP programs, then call our 24-hour line to speak with one of our counselors over the phone who can help you choose a program based on the severity of your addiction. Check your insurance benefits with our staff when you call- we accept most insurance plans at  Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment.