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At Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment we have a christian alcohol and drug rehab program specifically designed to help adults recover from alcohol related problems as quickly as possible. This treatment focuses on clients who have an immediate need for sub-acute alcohol detoxification in a helpful social setting to achieve temperance and lasting recovery.In this christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we ensure intensive follow-up, client participation and regular distribution of self-directed detoxification medications, by trained staff and as prescribed by the client’s physician in this detox treatment program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At ours christian drug and alcohol rehab centers we guarantee a qualified and experienced staff that will always be present at the detox program site along with staff members trained in CPR and first aid.

The length of time of this detoxification depends solely on the needs of the individual and what is reasonably essential and recommended by the client’s physician.

Diverse methods, endless benefits

Over the years, the field of psychology and psychiatry has created several methods and approaches to treat the problem of drug addiction. This has opened up the possibility of treating the different types of addictions that exist. Gone are the years when one method was used for all problems related to substance abuse.

Now that there are treatments such as outpatient drug rehabilitation or daily monitoring with a therapist, the range of benefits has expanded. Here are some of them.

 By staying at a rehab clinic you will be able to:

 – Have the opportunity, together with your personal therapist, to create a medium- and long-term life plan.

– develop improvements in your communication.

– define healthy boundaries.

– Repair the damage caused by addiction with your environment.

 Also, if your doctor recommends the use of faith-based drug and alcohol rehab, you will be able to achieve:

 – Changes in your behavior, prending to modify dysfunctional or harmful thought patterns and habits.

 – Understanding the reasons behind negative behavior.

– The relationship between feelings and thoughts.

– Achieve changes in the existing destructive belief system in your mind.

– Develop a higher level of internalization and awareness.

– Create the necessary attention and the production of automatic and constructive thoughts.

– Greater management of negative thoughts that are part of the addiction cycle.

– Development of personal security and self-esteem.

– Avoidance of self-destructive behavior and long-term sedation to avoid relapse into addiction.

 On the other hand, another of the most effective methods is that of family accompaniment. This makes it possible:

 – Help families to abandon codependencies that can lead to perpetuate or avoid the rehabilitation process.

– Generate a much more sincere and respectful communication between the family nucleus and the addict.

– Overcome patterns of family behaviors that may encourage or accelerate drug addiction.

– Learn to share and overcome feelings of anger, guilt and insecurity and foster a healthier environment.

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