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Christian Based Rehab Programs

Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment offers a broad range of Christian-based rehab programs to help individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction disorders. We have an experienced clinical team to address and treat dual diagnosis disorders and guide recovering addicts towards sobriety and improved psychiatric wellness.

Benefits of Choosing Us For Recovery

We are one of the top-rated Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers with several positive reviews and a high success rate. Our profile speaks for itself:

  • We are a licensed and accredited faith-based rehab with the best team of physicians, RNs, psychiatrists, and behavioral therapists. Our clinicians offer personalized assistance and support to patients battling addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Our rehab offers a full continuum of care, allowing recovering addicts to transition from one phase to another as they progress towards sobriety.
  • As a top-rated treatment center, our facility creates personalized recovery blueprints for each patient after a comprehensive review of their addiction severity and physical and mental health. Unlike other rehabs, we do not use a cookie-cutter treatment approach.

Our healing program also encompasses Christian components like pastoral counseling, prayer and reflection sessions, sermons discussing addiction, etc. Faith-based treatment at a leading rehab like ours can equip you with critical skills for lasting success with sobriety.

Who Should Consider Addiction Treatment?

If addiction affects your quality of life, prevents you from participating in everyday activities, or leads to poor health, you should consider Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Call for professional substance abuse treatment for Christians if:

  • You lack control causing you to use drugs in large amounts over a longer time than intended.
  • You wish to cut back on use but find it hard to do so.
  • You suffer from severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms when you refrain from drugs or alcohol for several hours.
  • You spend considerable amount of time trying to acquire a substance.
  • Your substance use takes priority over work, school, and home obligations.
  • Your interpersonal relationships are suffering because of your drug use or alcohol consumption.

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, seek help from a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab at the earliest. The sooner you sign up for a Christian alcohol and drug rehab program, the better the likelihood of attaining a safe and speedy recovery from addiction.

How Do I Choose Between Inpatient And Outpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment involves staying at an enclosed rehab facility for 30 – 90 days or longer. It can help you have an immersive healing experience and optimize your chances of attaining a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery.

Outpatient treatment offers addiction treatment and cares on an outpatient basis. It is cheaper than inpatient programs as it does not include the cost of accommodations. Outpatient therapy provides the lowest level of care but allows you to stay close to your loved ones during recovery.

Speak to a treatment provider to understand the severity of your addiction and choose an appropriate recovery option. Contact 866-434-1330 to sign up for one of our Christian-based rehab programs.  Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment can get you started on recovery. We have a very high success rate, making us the top rehab for Christian addiction treatment in California. Join us for a life-altering journey