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Christian Rehab California

Deciding to seek professional help for your drug or alcohol addiction is a huge step. You’ll benefit in a lot of ways the moment you join a Christian rehab in California. First off, substance abuse treatment for Christians offers a supportive, encouraging environment from peers and addiction specialists who share your faith. This is very helpful for your recovery. In addition to this, you’ll be in a forgiving setting that can motivate you and give you the confidence to pursue sobriety.

At Christians Drug and Alcohol Treatment, God will be central in your addiction treatment. If it’s been long since you last connected with Christ, our faith-based drug and alcohol rehab will remind you it’s never too late to reconnect with God, no matter what you’re facing. We’ve found that when Christ holds a prominent place in your treatment, you’re more likely to achieve lifelong sobriety.

How And Why We Offer Pastoral Counseling In Our Christian Rehab Center

Our pastoral counseling program offers guidance where you learn to dig deep into your spirit and soul and truly begin your recovery in a Godly, holistic way. You can expect daily morning prayer and devotion as part of your counseling sessions. Moreover, you’ll participate in our daily Christian workshop session. These workshops include:

  • Life’s healing choices workshop
  • Bible study
  • Boundaries workshops

There are plenty of reasons why we have pastoral counseling in our Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment. They include:

Strengthens Your Faith In God

In pastoral counseling, you’ll get to understand the love of God through His word. It’s not uncommon to experience certain challenges on your sobriety journey. You’ll discover that God talks about sin and addiction in the Bible as some of the challenges His people face.

For instance, you might be tempted to use again. Relying on God in such trying times can give you strength from within to fight off the temptation and stay focused on your Christian alcohol and drug rehab program.

Allows You To Truly Know The Word

The pastoral counseling sessions in our Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers are designed to make learning about the word of God as simple as possible. Spending time to read and know what stories and verses in the Bible mean and how you can apply them to your present situation is an excellent way to develop your spiritual muscles. By building up your inner confidence with help from an ever-powerful source, you can overcome the desire to use alcohol or drugs again.

Offers Guidance

In pastoral counseling, you’ll receive guidance for virtually any situation. It doesn’t matter if you feel like quitting treatment midway or you can’t stop feeling guilty and sad because of your damaged relationships. We’ll demonstrate that you can turn to the scripture for dependable advice. Not only that, but we’ll guide you on how to correctly apply invaluable Bible lessons to your own life.

Second-To-None Addiction Treatment

You can live a purposeful and happy life outside your substance use. At Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment we’re a premier Christian rehab in California with a team of the finest addiction specialists. We’re ready to assist you in finding lasting peace and overcoming your substance use disorder. To get started, verify your insurance now: