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Drug Rehab Orange County

Attending a drug rehab in Orange County can help combat your mental health issues, get clean, and learn essential coping skills for sober, healthy, and fulfilling life. Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, offers the best medical detox, residential rehab, IOP programs, and outpatient therapy in a world-class rehab facility.

What Makes Us Different From Other Rehabs In Orange County? 

As a leading addiction treatment facility, we help our clients get sober and maintain it for life with our highly successful Christ-centered treatment programs. Our ability to use the power of prayer, therapeutic workshops, Christian fellowship, and church services alongside evidence-based treatment practices helps recovering addicts reconcile and restore broken relationships. 

Our Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment program help those battling chemical dependency find their path to sobriety through a renewed faith in Jesus. Our clinicians and clergy members help individuals diagnosed with behavioral and mental disorders reclaim their inner strength and dignity based on pillars of faith in a higher power and forgiveness. We also offer the best faith-based ongoing care programs, helping recovering addicts abstain from substance use in the long term.

What Does Faith-Based Drug Rehab Offer?

Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers and programs address recovering addicts’ medical and spiritual needs and focus on their recovery. Our substance abuse treatment for Christians includes medically assisted detox, behavioral therapy, individual and group therapy, life skill sessions, emotional coping training, and support group meetings. As the #1 Christian Rehab in Orange County, we also conduct and moderate spiritual reflection sessions and discussions with like-minded peers, empowering clients against feelings of guilt, shame, and hopelessness that often lead to relapse.

We use a combination of advanced holistic therapies and christ-centered healing programs to help clients manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings and lead a drug-free life in the long term. Our Certified spiritual advisors offer counseling and guidance during rehab and conduct individual and group sessions, helping recovering addicts find peace through faith. A Christian alcohol and drug rehab program can unite those battling addiction in a tight-knit community and offer emotional support, increasing the chances for long-term recovery.

Why Choose A Faith-Based Rehab?

One study by Baylor University states that religious practice can reduce harmful behaviors, including substance abuse. Faith-based recovery alongside supervised drug detox and mental health counseling can help recovering addicts battling addiction. These programs lend the best physical, emotional, and spiritual care, allowing recovering addicts to achieve long-term recovery. 

Joining a faith-based rehab can help you get sober by providing you with spiritual guidance and enlightenment during treatment. Faith-based drug rehabs also connect recovering addicts with a higher power and guide them towards sobriety. Besides, signing up for treatment at a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab can address your medical and spiritual needs and help you lead a sober, healthy, and gratifying life in the long term.

Contact 866-434-1330 to verify your insurance with Christian Tract. We are leading drug rehab in Orange County with a Christ-centered treatment approach and compassionate clinicians. We help individuals battling addiction get clean using bible study sessions, scripture readings, faith-based 12-step programs, and sermons that discuss substance abuse. Get in touch with us today.