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Orange County Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is a commonly abused substance worldwide due to its vast social acceptance. Consequences of alcohol abuse can include reduced physical health, emotional stress, poor job performance, and strained relationships with family and friends.

While recovery from alcohol can often be difficult, it is certainly not impossible. Addiction treatment at an alcohol rehab center can often be essential to an individual’s recovery. 

However, not all alcohol rehab centers are created equal, so you will likely need to do a little research before you can find a rehab facility that’s trustworthy and reputable, and suited to your particular situation. Below are some of the things to consider when choosing an alcohol rehab

 Treatment Programs

The level of your alcohol addiction will determine the treatment program that’s right for you. An inpatient program requires you to live in a rehab facility, and treatment is more intensive than outpatient, which gives you more independence. You can live at home or in supportive housing in an outpatient program. If you have responsibilities that need your attention, an outpatient program may be the best option for you, but you must be able to use all the coping skills you’ve learned outside of program hours to avoid relapse. You may require inpatient treatment if you can’t cope outside program hours.

Length of Stay

Think about the length of your stay. Alcohol rehab usually lasts a week to three months, depending on what kind of treatment you choose. Studies have shown that the longer a person stays in a rehab facility, the greater the chance of lasting sobriety. However, the length of stay varies on an individual basis. Choose a facility that offers variable treatment lengths based on your needs.

Trained and Licensed 

You also need to check if the rehab you’re considering is licensed. Make sure the staff members are licensed in their respective fields. Look for an alcohol rehab facility that has your best interests at heart. Everyone is different, and working with a licensed and trained team dedicated to your success can make all the difference.

Cost and Budget

Cost is a big concern when choosing an alcohol rehab. Many factors determine how much you will have to pay. These include amenities, duration and therapies offered, program type, and more. When choosing an alcohol rehab, consider the one your insurance provider covers that fit your budget. Rehab is a good investment, but it costs a lot of money to keep using.

Choose Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment 

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed when finding the right orange county alcohol rehab, rest assured that Christian Tract has everything you need. We stand out among the best orange county Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers due to our strong commitment to treating each patient with as much respect and empathy as possible. As a result, we can help you reclaim your lives from alcohol addiction and embrace long-term sobriety.

Take the first step towards overcoming your alcohol addiction by calling us today at 866-434-1330 and verifying your insurance.