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Rehab Centers In Orange County

Christian Tract is one of the most sought-after faith-based rehab centers in Orange County, with Christian healing programs and science-based therapies. Here’s how you can choose a rehab center: 

  • Faith-based Treatment Approach

Addiction and its repercussions in your life can cause a great deal of physical, mental, and emotional turmoil to you and those around you. Sometimes, you need a compelling reason to overcome your behavioral and mental health challenges and make positive changes. If you have a religious affinity or a belief system, joining a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab can help you renew your faith in God, regain control over your mind, body, and soul, and find your life’s purpose. 

Substance abuse treatment for Christians can also prevent you from relapsing in the long term and prepare you for lasting success with sobriety. Make sure to look for rehab centers that offer science-based and Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

  • Clinical Staff

The medical staff at a treatment facility plays a critical role in your recovery. The more experienced and dedicated the clinicians, the better the chances of getting sober and maintaining it in the long haul. Check the staff profiles at a treatment center before you sign up for their Christian alcohol and drug rehab program.

  • Focus On Underlying Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, etc., are responsible for triggering addiction in over 60% of individuals abusing drugs or alcohol. It is pivotal to receive treatment for the underlying mental health issue for comprehensive recovery from your behavioral and mental health disorders. Make sure to join one of the top Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers to garner the best treatment outcome and to ensure lasting success with sobriety.

  • High Success Rate

Each rehab facility specializes in treating a specific disorder. You want to look for rehabs specializing in treating your specific addiction disorder for a safe, speedy, and successful recovery. Also, ask about their success rate and relapse percentage to make an informed decision.

  • Customized Therapies

The last thing you want is to join a treatment center that offers generalized addiction treatment. No two addiction disorders are ever the same. Ask a treatment center how they address each patient’s addiction circumstance. Joining a rehab center that creates personalized recovery plans for each patient is pivotal to helping you overcome your behavioral and mental health issues and achieve recovery goals crucial to you.

  • Continuum Of Care

Some treatment facilities offer only residential treatment or outpatient therapy, causing you to switch to at least two to three rehabs in your recovery journey. Some recovering users may not feel comfortable sharing their journey with different therapists and groups of people. In some cases, rehab hoping can even cause distress and trigger relapse. Make sure to join a rehab center that offers the best residential program, IOP treatment, outpatient therapy, and ongoing care options to help you transition from one recovery option to the next as you progress in recovery.

Call 866-434-1330 to join one of the best rehab centers in Orange County. Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment has guided hundreds of individuals back to a path of faith, love, peace, self-respect, and familial ties. Our program can reaffirm your faith and equip you with essential skills to stay on the path toward recovery. Contact us today.