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Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment is one of the pioneer rehab centers in Orange County with evidence-based therapies, holistic treatments, a customized detox program, and a Christ-centered healing approach. We offer personalized care and around-the-clock medical support, helping clients achieve a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery from addiction.

About Us

Addiction can impact families to a great extent, causing the members to feel confused, helpless, hopeless, angry, and frustrated. Our Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment help individuals battling substance abuse get clean and offers families the support and psychological resources they need to understand their loved ones better.

Our substance abuse treatment for Christians offers an immersive healing experience, equipping clients with essential coping skills for lasting success with sobriety. We offer the best medical detox, IOP treatment, residential care, and outpatient therapy, providing clients with a continuum of care. Our Christian alcohol and drug rehab program includes pastoral counseling, Bible study sessions, scripture readings, faith-based 12-step programs, sermons, daily prayer, and reflection sessions.

Benefits Of Christian Addiction Treatment

Attending one of the Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers can help lower anxiety and allow for a more positive outlook on life. You can expect to develop healthy coping skills and learn essential stress management strategies.

Christian rehab facilities have a much lower relapse rate than regular treatment centers. They help strengthen a person’s motivation and hope for the future and make them understand that God is always present to offer never-ending strength and inspiration.

Tips To Prevent Relapse After Addiction Treatment

Relapse prevention skills are a critical part of our recovery program. We teach recovering addicts essential coping skills and help them prevent relapse one day at a time. Knowing how to tackle the common triggers like boredom, stress, money problems, relationship issues, certain sights and smells, anger, etc., can help prevent relapse. Here are a few relapse prevention skills we teach recovering addicts at our faith-based drug and alcohol rehab: 

  1. Self-Care

The patient often experiences post-acute withdrawal symptoms like insomnia and fatigue in the first couple of weeks of recovery, which are potential triggers for relapse. Engaging in regular physical exercise, adopting a balanced diet, and improving your sleep quality can help prevent relapse. We help recovering addicts develop a structured sleep, exercise, and eating schedule and train their bodies to sleep better. 

  1. HALT

If you experience a craving to use or feel anxious in general, ask yourself if you are feeling any of the HALT symptoms (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired). Common triggers for recovering alcoholics and addicts include hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness. Conducting a regular inventory of HALT can help reduce your risk of relapse.

  1. Mindfulness Meditation

We teach mindfulness meditation to recovering addicts to help them improve their self-awareness and cope with potential triggers in a better manner. One study by NCBI states that individuals who practice mindfulness meditation in recovery witness a drastic improvement in their life quality compared to those who do not practice it. It can help you remain clean and sober for a long time.

Call 866-434-1330 to join one of the best rehab centers in Orange County, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Our faith-based recovery program can help you get clean, overcome your mental health issues, learn critical coping mechanisms, and maintain a sober lifestyle in the long term.