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Rehab In Orange County

Christians’ Drug and Alcohol Treatment offers faith-based healing and rehab services at affordable prices. As a top rehab in Orange County, we offer the best Christian rehab programs with a dedicated and skilled clinical team. The benefits of joining a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab include:

  1. Christian Principes Guide Recovery

While people battling addiction often feel hopeless, shameful, and guilty about their circumstances, addiction, and actions, Christian principles can help you develop self-love, confidence, regain self-esteem, and break free from the clasps of substance abuse. Christ’s teachings can reinforce love, forgiveness, hope, and charity and lift those suffering in darkness to find their life’s purpose and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

  1. The Presence Of Like-Minded Peers

Attending one of the Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers is a great way to meet like-minded individuals who share your beliefs and ideologies as you. You will get a chance to meet, socialize, and develop valuable bonds with individuals battling similar issues as you. The peer support coming from fellow recovering addicts during a Christian alcohol and drug rehab program can strengthen your commitment to sobriety and God and prevent you from relapsing. Knowing that you have people to lift you during difficult times and hold you accountable can motivate you to start fresh and lead a healthy and sober life.

  1. Better Chances For Recovery

If you have intense religious beliefs, you may feel more comfortable when the treatment protocols align with your spiritual ideologies. You should also feel more at ease and relaxed, providing you with a firmer emotional foundation as you walk the path of recovery. As a pioneer Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, we use evidence-based treatments alongside faith-based programs to help our clients garner the best treatment outcome.

  1. Reduced Likelihood Of Relapse

One study states that up to 82% of recovering addicts who experienced a spiritual awakening during substance abuse treatment for Christians remained abstinent for a year or more compared to only 55% of patients who did not attend a faith-based treatment program. Relapse often occurs due to loneliness, isolation, unaddressed negative thoughts and emotions, and boredom.

As scripture addresses these feelings and emotions, individuals who attend Christ-centered rehab feel better equipped to handle triggering situations. Christian-based rehab programs teach recovering addicts about God and His love for them, reassuring them that they are never alone in their struggles.

  1. Lowered Anxiety

Addicts often lack trust and confidence, causing them to rely on drugs and alcohol to feel normal and less anxious. Christian rehab programs invite believers to confide in God and lay their burdens on Him. Christian treatment programs teach the importance of faith and help recovering addicts realize that God is bigger than their addiction. Once you learn that God is reliable and loves you, it can encourage you to adopt a Christian lifestyle and lead a life that pleases Him.

We are a JCAHO-accredited rehab in orange county with several positive reviews and a high success rate. Contact 866-434-1330 to verify your insurance with Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Our Christian rehab treatment services can aid in your recovery and help you embrace a healthy and sober lifestyle. Get in touch with us today.