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When addicted to drugs or alcohol, it may impact more than just your psychological and physical well-being. For some people, the spiritual impact can significantly influence someone who has delved into addiction. Once you realize it is time to make some changes, you can look into your options for a Christian rehab in Orange County, CA.

Some people overtaken by addiction cannot thoroughly heal from the pain caused by the decision to drink or use drugs until they get the right level of spiritual help. If you are a Christian, faith-based drug and alcohol rehab might be just what you need to ensure your recovery is very effective.

What Is A Christian Alcohol And Drug Rehab Program?

Just like traditional rehabilitation centers, Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers offer guidance, counseling, and plenty of support to those who are addicted. Like a standard rehab program, a Christian facility focuses on helping participants identify their addiction, which takes a faith-centered focus. During treatment at such a rehab in Orange County, CA, the Christian principles get woven into all the recovery aspects. Many options involving substance abuse treatment for Christians include sober living or lower-cost services to help patients heal on a more spiritual level.

How And Why Does It Work?

Most all Christians believe in spiritual recovery, so a Christian addicted to alcohol or drugs does best with spiritual strengthening and guidance. By taking part in substance abuse treatment for Christians, they can sustain their efforts and find new ways to accept the changes necessary to move into recovery.

Many of the motivating factors involved with Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment include:

  • Time allotted for spiritual awakening or self-reflection
  • Bible study or sermons geared toward wellness and battling addiction
  • Biblical principles applied to everyday treatment modalities

You may be family with standard Christian programs that involve the 12-step approach to addiction treatment. This modality encourages participants to restore their connection with their spiritual side while taking steps to prevent further issues so they may heal. The spiritual support is there to help them remain focused and thus improve their recovery outcome.

Who Should Seek Faith-Based Rehab?

Not everyone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will benefit from entering a Christian rehab. Someone that does not carry strong Christian values or is faith-motivated may find this option to be too spiritually focused. However, it is essential to note that many will discover Christian treatment as a great way to regain spiritual, psychological, and physical health. You could benefit from faith-based recovery if you believe in God, already practice most Christian morals, and wish to learn more about the Christian faith.

Do you wish to know more about faith-based rehab in Orange County, CA? There is a world of possibilities and support for your journey into recovery here at Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment. We work to ensure all of our participants get customized treatment and a wealth of support to heal and break the bonds of addiction. Click here to verify your insurance, or call our intake team at 866-434-1330 for details on our programs.