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Christian Drug Rehab Arizona

Addiction can be a devastating struggle. From negative health impacts, to tarnished relationships, the side effects of substance abuse affect not only the one suffering from the abuse, but their family, friends, community, and perhaps most importantly, their faith.

Hope and freedom from the chains of addiction is available through the power of Christ’s love and Christian drug rehab in Arizona that is committed to your healing journey. LINKS is the Christian tract of Northbound Treatment Center and uses biblical teachings and Christ centered values to create a sustainable treatment regimen for lasting recovery.

You do not need to suffer alone. If you or a loved one is ready to take the next steps to sobriety while keeping Christ at the core, then we are ready to welcome you with open arms.

Our Christian Drug Rehab and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs

Everyone’s struggle with addiction is different and that is why it is crucial to choose a program that addresses the needs of each individual. Our intake procedure will help you determine which treatment program is right for you or your loved one. All of our programs contain an element of the Christian faith and prioritize healing in alignment with God’s plan for your future.

What is a detox program?

The detoxification (detox) process is the first phase of recovery from addiction and may be necessary for some individuals depending on the addiction they are suffering from. During this time, your body clears itself of drugs and/or alcohol while being monitored by Christian medical professionals who ensure you are cared for and supported during this portion of recovery.

What Is an Inpatient Treatment Program?

Inpatient treatment involves a patient staying at the rehabilitation facility for the duration of their recovery program. This program allows participants to focus on recovery in a safe environment with supervision and accountability. Inpatient treatment is a great choice for individuals with a severe addiction, or those who are at risk of relapsing without 24/7 care. This is often the first step in a healing process where patients discover forgiveness in Christ and hope for the future.

What are Christian Drug Rehab Support Groups?

Support groups allow those battling addiction to find relief by connecting with a community and to a higher power. It is important for recovering addicts to connect with others that have the same goal of keeping Christ at the center of their healing journey. These programs provide you with an opportunity to grow your faith and connection with God while strengthening your sobriety.

What is Christian intervention?

There are circumstances where families and loved ones of addicts need additional support in order to get them the help they need. This is especially true when an addict is in the denial phase of addiction, unwilling to recognize they have a substance abuse problem and need help. In other circumstances, one suffering from addiction may realize they need help, but they are wary about entering an addiction treatment facility. If this situation resonates with you, it may be time to complete a Christian intervention with the help of professionals at LINKS.

The Faith-Based Treatment Difference

Studies show that those who have faith in a higher power are often more successful in remaining sober. This, along with the healing power of Christ, are some of the reasons why we believe in Faith-Based Treatment for substance abuse. 

Some of the specific benefits of faith-based rehabilitation include:

  • Healing both mentally and spiritually.
  • Working with members of the Christian faith.
  • Care that involves both medical treatment and Bible study.
  • Utilizing the power of prayer and a 12-step program to relieve feelings of guilt and shame.
  • A community of like-minded Christians that wish to reconnect with Jesus Christ.
  • A serene environment provided by Jesus Christ and his servants.
  • Excellent treatment by Christian medical staff.

Prayer in Recovery

At LINKS, we believe in Christ’s willingness to intercede on our behalf and in the healing power of prayer during addiction recovery. That’s why Prayer in Recovery is a vital part of all of our treatment programs. For those struggling with addiction, prayer can:

  • Create stronger emotional health and stability
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Improve learning and memory
  • Increase happiness

Along with work with licensed therapists and medical professionals, everyone who participates in Christian drug rehab in Arizona with links will also learn to use prayer as a powerful tool during their journey to recovery.

Pastoral Counseling

There is tremendous power in finding a community of Christian mentors who can hold you accountable for your goals, and provide insight when you feel you may be going astray. In our pastoral counseling program, we facilitate our clients leaving their old life behind and show them in scripture how through Christ they can become a new person free from past struggles.

Developing sustainable strategies that can be used when treatment is over is all part of our plan to create a recovery that lasts far beyond your time within our treatment facility.

Advantages of Christ Based Recovery Programs

Along with adaptive programs that cater to the needs of each of our patients while integrating Biblical principles, there are additional benefits for Christian drug rehab. All of our programs have access to:

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Advantages of Christ Based Recovery Programs

Along with adaptive programs that cater to the needs of each of our patients while integrating Biblical principles, there are additional benefits for Christian drug rehab. All of our programs have access to:

  1. Christ-centered sober living arrangements.
  2. Faith-based support, from medical care to mental health support.
  3. Seamless care for the transition from rehab back into the world.
  4. Christian mentors that serve as powerful role models and coaches during your recovery to support your positive growth.

Committing to Christian Drug Rehab in Arizona

Whether you have struggled with your addiction for a long time, or are looking to develop coping strategies or tools to prevent further struggles, our Christian drug rehab in Arizona can help. By utilizing biblical teachings, and a love-centered approach, we can help you get back on your feet and have hope for a better future, not only for yourself but for your relationships, your community, and your walk with Christ.

You are loved and worthy of healing and support. Reach out to LINKS today to understand how the healing power of Christ can assist you on your recovery journey.

Get The Help You Need!

There are several rehabilitation centers that are ready to serve you. All you need to do is reach out. It is very important to get help with your drug addiction. It is only a matter of time before your addiction takes complete control of your life. You may have several dreams that you wanted to fulfill but because of your addiction, you have been held back.

Everyone has the right to live their lives to the fullest. Then, why should you let it go to waste? If not for yourself, get help for the sake of your family. Your drug addiction is not ruining your life alone but is also a negative influence on the lives of those around you. With the best help, you will be able to turn your life around for the better.