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Addiction is a destructive force. For some, it can seem impossible to overcome. This force has the power to destroy relationships, health, and the foundation of faith in which many people have built their lives. But there is something stronger than the pull of addiction and that is the love of Christ. We believe that with proper medical services and the healing power of faith, an addict can overcome even the most severe addiction and get their life back on track. Forgiveness, salvation, and hope for a full recovery are possible with Christian rehab in Colorado.

If you are in Colorado and you are looking for an addiction treatment center that keeps Christ at the center, LINKS may be the ideal solution. LINKS is the Christian treatment tract for drug and alcohol addiction at Northbound Treatment Center. Our Colorado Christian drug rehab center consists of faith-based treatment specialists and medical professionals that are dedicated to helping you in your journey to recovery.

Christian Drug Rehab Programs in Colorado

No matter your form of addiction, it is important to receive treatment that caters directly to your needs and goals. That’s why we offer a wide range of treatment programs, all of which are based on biblical teachings, faith-based coping skills, and trust in a higher power.

Christian Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is the ideal solution for individuals with a more severe addiction that requires accountability, supervision, and access to regular medical attention. Every individual has a different journey to recovery, and our inpatient program is ideal for those who need extra Bible-based support and care. This program allows individuals to be monitored for safety and to ensure adherence to the program.

Christian Outpatient Treatment

For those with less severe addiction, outpatient treatment may be the ideal solution. With this program, you’ll receive access to Christian treatment including pastoral counseling, and coping skills that integrate prayer into recovery. The difference is, you’ll be residing at home and visiting our treatment center throughout the week for a few hours a day. This treatment program is a great fit for those that have home and work obligations and aren’t in immediate danger of relapse.

Christian Drug Rehab Support Groups

Both during the rehab process and post-rehab, it is important to take advantage of support groups. These groups help addicts to work through the root causes of their addiction and learn tools to help them with their continued sobriety, all while maintaining a solid Christian community of peers with similar goals of maintaining a sober lifestyle.

Family Resources

Our Christian alcohol treatment offers a family wellness program that helps families cope with the addiction of loved ones. Through family wellness you will learn about addiction, denial, enabling, coping skills, and more through group and educational sessions. With guidance and education, the family will learn they didn’t create the problem and can’t cure the problem, all through a biblical lens.

The Advantages of Faith-Based Rehabilitation

You have many options when it comes to drug treatment centers. However, studies have shown that those who integrate faith into their recovery journey have better chances of remaining sober after the program has been completed. This is just one of the benefits of investing in Christian drug rehab in Colorado.

Christ-centered Sober Living Arrangements

Many addiction recovery specialists recommend sober living facilities for those seeking continued support post-rehab. These group homes provide a place where you can heal in a safe environment with a built-in support system. Christian-based rehab facilities also offer the added benefit of providing sober living facilities where residents share a similar devotion to leading a Christ-centered life.

Faith-Based Support

While many rehab facilities offer treatment services to overcome substance abuse and behavioral health issues, Christian-based addiction recovery centers are designed to also help you grow spiritually and develop a stronger relationship with Christ. This can serve as a powerful tool and coping mechanism when challenges arise.

Continuation of Care

For individuals seeking support for drug or alcohol addiction, faith-based facilities can help reduce your risk of relapse by making the transition from rehab to the real world easier. From detox to access to support groups and ministries after a treatment has been completed, it is our priority to take this journey with you from beginning to end.

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Christian Mentors

Bridging the gap from addiction to recovery is an important period of your life. During this time, you learn how to gain more control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions. By choosing Christian-based rehab, you can access mentors who share the same beliefs and they can serve as powerful role models and coaches during your recovery to support your positive growth.

Taking the Next Step to a Sustainable Recovery

Whether you are ready to take the next step in your recovery or still have questions about the ways in which Christian drug rehab in Colorado can serve you, reach out to us at LINKS at any time. Our team of professionals is ready to help you with open compassionate arms to remind you that with the power of Christ, you are able to overcome any addiction.

Get The Help You Need!

There are several rehabilitation centers that are ready to serve you. All you need to do is reach out. It is very important to get help with your drug addiction. It is only a matter of time before your addiction takes complete control of your life. You may have several dreams that you wanted to fulfill but because of your addiction, you have been held back.

Everyone has the right to live their lives to the fullest. Then, why should you let it go to waste? If not for yourself, get help for the sake of your family. Your drug addiction is not ruining your life alone but is also a negative influence on the lives of those around you. With the best help, you will be able to turn your life around for the better.