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Signs of Drug Use


Signs of Drug Use

We always recommend talking with an addiction counselor as soon as you suspect your loved one may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Counselors who are trained in addiction treatment are well equipped to discuss the signs and symptoms of your family member’s possible drug use. In the unfortunate case that your family member is indeed abusing drugs or alcohol, take solace in the fact that this growing problem affects millions of families but thousands of people start a life of recovery every day. 


New Friends:

 If your family member is spending increasing time with a new set of friends, especially ones that he or she knows from outside the church community, it could mean that your loved one is being influenced by friends who are encouraging him or her to experiment with drugs. 


It’s commonly reported that when a family member is using drugs or alcohol, they display a very short temper and are prone to lash out and exhibit fits of anger. This lack of patience could be related to their inner turmoil at the path they are going down, and also could be indicative that they are experiencing discomfort because of the withdrawals from the substances they have been experimenting with.

Lack of interest in old activities:

If your family member is no longer interested in hobbies or activities that have long appealed to them, this could be a potential red flag. Especially if they avoid church and fellowship activities, as these not only are activities that are sober by nature, but also might make your family member feel guilty and conflicted about their drug use. 

Strong contrary opinions to traditional values:

If your loved one is suddenly questioning or insulting your faith, and/or embracing new values that are against traditional family values, these shifts in value may be related to some new and potentially bad influences in their lives. 

Dishonest behavior:

 If you have recently noticed your family member lying, stealing, or otherwise being dishonest, this has frequently been reported as a warning sign that a family member is engaged in drug or alcohol abuse. Particularly theft of money or valuable items is a red flag, as they could be stealing to obtain the necessary money to continue their growing drug habit.

Contact Christian’s Drug Rehab for Help

We cannot over-emphasize the recommendation to call a trained drug counselor to discuss your suspicions. Our treatment center is staffed by caring admissions counselors who can give you a complimentary assessment of the situation and make a referral to a counselor or interventionist if needed. It is always a huge relief to the family members of someone struggling with a substance abuse problem when they pick up the phone and share their situation with someone who understands the terrain of addiction. Call us today at (866) 434-1330.