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Alcohol Rehab Orange County

Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment is the best faith-based rehab facility in California, with integrated healing programs, pastoral counseling sessions, and Christian mentors. Joining an alcohol rehab in Orange County can help you heal from your dangerous and unhealthy behavioral patterns and get a fresh start in life.   

What Can I Expect At A Christian Alcohol Rehab?

Christian rehab facilities work the same way as traditional treatment centers, except that they encompass several faith-based healing programs. A Christian addiction treatment center provides a safe environment for those from different sectors, helping them heal from addiction with like-minded individuals battling similar issues. You can expect to participate in programs that strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

The Christian faith views substance abuse and alcoholism as a result of bad choices. It helps people struggling with addiction learn spiritual methods and strategies to cope and deal with the hardships of life. You will learn to position God in place of drugs and alcohol and heal from your emotional turmoil.

Most Christian rehabs use a Gospel-centric approach and believe that salvation is only possible through Jesus Christ. During your stay at a Christian rehab center, you can prepare to embrace Christ wholeheartedly and receive his deliverance from behavioral and mental health issues that affect your quality of life.

Types Of Christian Drug And Alcohol Rehab

There are different types of Christian addiction treatment programs for those battling addiction, such as private and luxury rehab, inpatient and outpatient facilities, local church support groups, etc. The services available at Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers are similar to non-denominational addiction treatment except with a strong focus on the Bible. These facilities offer programs that use evidence-based clinical methods like detox and individualized therapy alongside spiritual healing sessions.

Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment allows patients to reestablish or restore their faith in God alongside combatting addiction. As a pioneer in faith-based drug and alcohol rehab, our Christian rehab programs include the following religious aspects:

  1. Individual and group therapy
  2. Medical detox
  3. Bible study sessions and scripture readings
  4. Faith-based 12-step programs
  5. Sermons that discuss addiction in terms of the Christian faith
  6. Daily prayer and reflection sessions
  7. Regular church services
  8. Ministerial and pastoral counseling, etc.

We have the best therapists, physicians, priests, ministers, and clergy members on staff who offer unsurpassed substance abuse treatment for Christians in a world-class rehab center. Our Christian alcohol and drug rehab program equips recovering addicts with critical coping skills, helping them manage triggers and stressful situations using a rational and spiritual approach.

Our Alcohol Rehab Services

Our faith-based treatment center offers the best detox, inpatient, outpatient, and IOP programs. We are also a renowned dual diagnosis treatment center with the best healing programs and mental health experts for depression, trauma, bipolar, and other mental disorders.

Verify your insurance with us at 866-434-1330 to join the top alcohol rehab in Orange County. Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment has helped hundreds of drug users and alcoholics regain control over their minds, body, and soul and establish faith in God. Get in touch with us today for comprehensive recovery from dual diagnosis.