Christian Tract

Christian Based Alcohol Treatment Center

Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment is a Christian drug and alcohol rehab with an integrated healing approach, personalized recovery plans, and the best clinical staff. As one of the leading Christian-based alcohol treatment centers, we guide recovering addicts towards sobriety using a combination of science-based treatments, scripture readings, and holistic therapies.

How To Overcome Addiction Through God?

God’s love can provide the ability to overcome even the most crippling of addictions. It can help achieve sustainable sobriety and personal success alongside improved mental wellness. Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers help recovering addicts through the following principles: 

God’s Love is Amazing  – While substance abuse can make you feel worthless, remember that God sees your faults and loves you for who you are. God doesn’t expect his children to be perfect. He expects you to remain persistent and work towards leading a sin-free life.  As one of the leading Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers, we teach recovering addicts how they can manage their addiction by admitting their shortcomings, pushing toward something stronger than themself, and making an honest effort.

God Wants Us to Experience Trials for Growth – Finding new ways to overcome difficult moments in life is the only way to grow emotionally and spiritually. While God does not promise that you will not stumble or fall, he stresses that you can find the strength through him to face the trials and tribulations. We help our recovering addicts see that God is their strength during the dark times when their cravings make them feel feeble and defeated. Our clergy members help recovering addicts realize that they can run to God for safety and that he will protect them.

Walk Arm-in-Arm with God During Recovery – You can conquer your addiction by entrusting yourself to God. He loves and hears you and will help you grow. 

Our substance abuse treatment for Christians offers a safe place for recovering addicts to surrender and connect with God. We work with every aspect of our clients, ensuring complete care and healing.

Why Choose A Faith-Based Rehab?

Several studies state faith-based rehabs have a lower relapse rate than regular treatment centers. Join our faith-based drug and alcohol rehab because:

  • It allows you to heal and recover from addiction with the love and support of like-minded and other spiritual individuals.
  • You will feel less lonely and isolated during treatment at a Christian alcohol and drug rehab program. Christian-based rehabs offer a sense of community to those recovering from addiction, motivating them to stay strong in their journey towards sobriety.
  • You will feel more accountable to a higher power for their actions and behaviors. Our patients are less likely to relapse in the long term as they are answerable to God for their behaviors. This sense of accountability can foster a positive change in life, helping recovering addicts maintain lasting success with sobriety.

Verify your insurance with Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment by reaching us at 866-434-1330. Thousands of Christian have overcome problems with drugs and alcohol by seeking help from Christ-centered treatment centers. As one of the top Christian-based alcohol treatment centers, we offer the best care and support to those battling addiction and co-occurring mental health issues and guide them towards sobriety through God.