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Have your attempts to stop using alcohol or drugs been unsuccessful? If so, you’ve probably realized that relying on your own willpower alone isn’t enough. Admitting that God is able and willing to help you during this difficult time is crucial. Unlike other addiction treatment facilities, Christian drug rehab centers believe there’s a higher power. Thus, they acknowledge that healing can be achieved by depending on Christ. Faith-based drug and alcohol rehabs use Bible principles that can guide you into a more fulfilling, substance-free Life.

At Celebrate A Life, we provide Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment that works. We’ll encourage you to apply the truths in the word of God to your everyday life. Our addiction specialists will offer guidance in your pursuit of Christ and a more purposeful life beyond addiction.

Pros And Cons Of Christian Rehab Treatment For Addiction And Mental Health


Some of the advantages of a Christian alcohol and drug rehab program are:

  • Improves Your Quality Of Life

Perhaps you let go of your relationship with God? Or maybe you’re willing to be introduced to Christ? Whatever the case, you’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with the Maker of the universe or discover a great way of living in Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers.

With God as your anchor, you’ll find better ways of dealing with addiction and underlying trauma and draw from examples of what it’s like to surrender to Christ. Walking the Christian life will change your thinking and perspective on life. You’ll yearn to live for Christ and fellowship with Him. Additionally, you’ll put your trust and faith in God and believe that all things are possible through Christ, even overcoming your addiction.

  • Combines Evidence-Based Approaches And Religious Knowledge

Substance abuse treatment for Christians combines science-backed therapies and Biblical concepts. This allows you to have the best of both worlds. You’ll learn so many religious elements that will aid in your recovery. For instance, how to access God’s power in rehab and how to pinpoint and avoid temptations.

One of the major advantages of depending on Christ is that you find greater comfort and lasting satisfaction than what drugs or alcohol can provide. On the other hand, evidence-based therapies are highly effective and significantly increase your chances of successfully completing rehab and living a sober life.


Despite the many benefits of faith-based treatment programs, there are some drawbacks, including:

  • It’s Not Effective For Everyone

If you’re not a Christian or belong to a different faith, it may be hard to appreciate and reap the benefits of a Christian approach. Of course, you’ll remain sober because a faith-based treatment center will be substance-free, just like all other rehab facilities. But it won’t make much sense to join a Christian rehab if you’re deeply entrenched in Hinduism or any other religion.

  • Not All Rehabs Are Reputable

It’s important to note that not all treatment facilities that offer faith-based treatments are reliable. Therefore, you should thoroughly research the facility you’re considering to ensure you enroll in a top-rated rehab.

Overcome Your Addiction With Christ

As one of the leading Christian drug rehab centers, we can help you beat your addiction while reinforcing your spiritual beliefs. Our addiction specialists at  Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment use evidence-based treatments and scripture to assist you in creating a sober life filled with Christ. Verify your insurance now: