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Christian Recovery Center

A Christian recovery center like Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment can help you fully recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. But that’s not the extent of what we offer our patients in treatment. Our faith-based drug and alcohol rehab can give you the confidence that the creator of the universe is by your side every day of your life, helping you continue to heal from addiction and leave negative patterns in your past. At Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, we take a unique approach to recovery that gives patients hope in a bright future where there’s no place for addiction.

3 Reasons Why Christian Rehab Gives You The Best Chance To Fully Recover

1. If you’ve been in rehab in the past, you probably remember counselors and therapists telling you that addiction was a disease you would need to deal with for the rest of your life. You may have lost hope at that point and felt that the process of recovery was too difficult or challenging. With such a dim outlook, it’s no wonder many patients in recovery experience a history of relapse.

Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs teach that the healing power of Christ can fully and completely transform your life. When you surrender your addiction to Christ, he will do a work inside you and give you the strength and ability to walk away from addiction and never look back. Additionally, you’ll learn new skills and adopt new tools in rehab that will make long-term freedom from addiction a reality.

2. Most rehabs offer patients ‘comfort meds’ or MAT treatment to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Many patients progress from detox to rehab still relying on prescription medications to prevent relapse. It’s not uncommon for patients to level up from one program to the next and leave addiction treatment addicted to a substance that supposedly cured them from their drug or alcohol use.

At Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, we don’t believe in substituting one addiction for another. We use sound protocols in recovery to address addiction and underlying mental health disorders; we treat both with therapeutic workshops, psychotherapy, peer-to-peer recovery in a group setting, spiritual counseling and development, and many other proven effective techniques.

3. Without a fuller understanding of what the Bible teaches, there’s no real reason to adopt positive behaviors or attitudes. If the world around us evolved from nothing over billions of years, we have no purpose or responsibility to ourselves or others.

A Biblical perspective that teaches a loving God who created the world and everyone in it gives patients at Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment hope that there’s more to life than the present moment. If you’re not satisfied with your life up until this point, we encourage you to take a closer look at our Christian alcohol and drug rehab program.

Substance Abuse Treatment For Christians & Non-Christians

By choosing one of the best Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers, you’ll have an added advantage in rehab that a secular program cannot provide. You don’t have to be a Christian to contact our counselors; our Christian recovery center is open to everyone.