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Christian Residential Treatment Centers

Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, is one of the pioneer Christian residential treatment centers with highly skilled physicians, RNs, priests, ministers, and clergy members. We use bible study sessions, faith-based 12-step programs, sermons, daily prayer, and pastoral counseling to guide our clients towards sobriety.

What To Expect During Addiction Treatment?

Each person’s recovery journey is different based on the severity of their addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. While attending one of the top Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers can seem intimidating, it can be a liberating, enriching, and rewarding experience. The following are samples of what you can expect during our substance abuse treatment for Christians:

  1. Our addiction treatment process begins with medical detox. Detox flushes out the toxins from your body and prepares your mind and body for a long-term recovery process.
  2. Following detox, we engage our recovering addicts in residential treatment. It is an in-depth form of addiction treatment and care, lasting 30 – 90 days or more. Our residential recovery program offers an immersive healing experience and reduces the risk of relapse.
  3. If you suffer from a moderate or mild addiction disorder or are looking for a step-down level of care, our IOP/PHP program may be an ideal treatment option. They engage you in several hours of therapy and group meetings each day and allow you to stay home during recovery.

Alongside therapy, you will participate in sermons, preachings, and scripture readings that help renew your faith in God. Our Christ-centered programs guide recovering addicts through the darkness towards light and help them achieve mental peace and emotional stability.

Benefits Of Christian Addiction Treatment

One of the many benefits of Christ-based recovery is the sober fellowship it fosters between spiritual individuals battling similar issues. While addiction can cause psychological hardships, stress, loneliness, and hopelessness, Christ-centered treatments help lower anxiety and enable recovering addicts to develop a positive outlook on life.

Christian rehab programs help recovering addicts develop healthy coping skills and reduce their risk of relapse in the long term. More importantly, faith-based treatment programs provide a safe environment for recovering addicts, helping them receive lots of love and support as they work towards leading sober and healthy life.

Components Of Christian Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Christian rehab facilities work the same way as traditional rehabs, except they include religious components like atonement and worship. Treatments and therapies focus on the belief that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit form the primary basis for addiction recovery. While the Church considers addiction a sin and a disease, it invites individuals struggling with substance abuse to overcome their behavioral challenges with the invocation of prayers, scripture, and a strong belief in the Holy Trinity. Elements of Christian alcohol and drug rehab program include:

  • Faith-based 12-Step programs
  • Bible study sessions and related scriptural teachings
  • Daily prayer and reflection sessions
  • Lectures and sermons that discuss addiction 
  • Ministerial and pastoral counseling
  • Regular church services

As a leading faith-based drug and alcohol rehab, we also recognize the importance of evidence-based treatments. Our Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment include core religious tenants alongside science-based methodologies such as individual therapy, medical detox, and counseling. 

Call us at 866-434-1330 to join one of the top Christian residential treatment centers. Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, has made a difference in several recovering addicts’ lives with our customized healing approach and Christ-centered programs. Do not let your addiction stop you from leading your best life. Contact us today.