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Christian Treatment Facilities

Christian Tract is one of the reputed and accredited Christian treatment facilities with scientific therapies, Christ-based healing components, and a friendly clinical team. We create tailored recovery plans for each patient after a comprehensive review of their physical and mental health and addiction severity, helping them garner the best treatment outcome.

What Makes Us The #1 Christian Addiction Treatment Center? 

As a leading treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction disorders, we use a Christ-centered approach to address and handle behavioral and mental health issues. Our focus on identifying and treating the underlying mental health issues and offering personalized addiction care makes us a renowned addiction treatment center in CA.

Our clinicians, behavioral staff, and RNs possess the highest training and experience, allowing them to offer unsurpassed care and assistance to those battling substance abuse. More importantly, we are one of the few rehabs with a low staff-to-client ratio. Our medical staff work with each client on a 1-on-1 basis and guide them towards their recovery goals one day at a time.

How To Pay For Addiction Treatment?

Insurance is the most commonly used payment mode to meet addiction treatment costs. The coverage amount can vary depending upon your insurance provider, your policy, and the faith-based drug and alcohol rehab you choose. Some Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers accept insurance, offer financial aid, or provide easy financing options.

You can use Medicaid, Medicare, State-financed health insurance, private insurance, or military insurance to pay for Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment. If you don’t have insurance, search for a free or low-income Christian alcohol and drug rehab program. Remember that free rehabs usually have a long waiting list and limited funding.

You can also take into debt if you do not have adequate financial resources to attend substance abuse treatment for Christians. While you may feel anxious to take on debt, view addiction treatment as an investment in yourself, and you will see it pay off over time.

How To Prevent Relapse After Christian Addiction Treatment?

While relapse is a common mishap in recovery, faith-based rehabs have a higher success rate than traditional treatment centers. Christian addiction treatment prepares you for lasting success with sobriety by offering a sense of community and accountability. Other tips to help you lead a sober lifestyle after rehab treatment include:

  • Family members and loved ones can offer great support in recovery. Stay close to the family to prevent feelings of loneliness, boredom, and hopelessness.
  • Attend Christian support group meetings and pastoral counseling, and sign up for ongoing care programs after addiction treatment. It can help you feel motivated and supported in your journey towards sobriety and help you stay clean in the long term.
  • Engage in physical exercise regularly and adopt more well-balanced meal plans. Physical and mental fitness goes a long way in staying clean and leading a healthy and happier life.

Call 866-434-1330 to join one of the best Christian treatment facilities. Christian Tract offers unsurpassed residential treatment programs and outpatient therapies at affordable prices in a world-class rehab facility. Our integrated treatment approach has helped hundreds of recovering addicts overcome their behavioral and mental health challenges and attain sobriety through Christ.