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Detox Centers Orange County

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a dangerous, indiscriminate, and complicated disease facing many people of all backgrounds. The good news is that there are detox centers in Orange County and treatment options available for Christians seeking support. But how can you tell if you are selecting the best faith-based drug and alcohol rehab?

When you need help for yourself or a loved one, we are here at Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment!

Several factors come into play when trying to select the best out of the available Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers. Some things to consider:

Staff Credentials

Due to the complexity of addiction, you need to know you have treatment performed by specialists. Always look at staff credentials and see if there is a mix of staffing that includes mental health professionals, nurses, and doctors. You want a team at your Christian alcohol and drug rehab program that has experience with treating addiction and property accreditation.

Treatment Methods

Medications and behavioral therapies are often the most successful modalities when treating substance abuse. You want detox centers in Orange County that use approved treatments, with the ideal situation being a combination of both.

Christian Values

Substance abuse treatment for Christians should be just that. When looking for Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you want them to incorporate the values you are interested in throughout the treatment plan. Faith has become a major motivating factor for people wishing to break free from the hold of addiction to change and heal.

Treatment Variety

No two people are alike, meaning everyone has their unique journey with addiction. Therefore, you must have addiction treatment tailored to your needs. Here at Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, we firmly believe in customized care plans to suit your needs and journey into recovery. Additionally, we can review your options regarding treatment length, whether IOP suits your situation and more.

Track Record For Success

Finally, you need to know that the Christian treatment program you are entering has a decent success rate. Any quality rehab should be happy and willing to share their success rates with all potential clients. Note that lower success rates could mean the staff and treatment planning do not meet the needs of patients. It would help if you had a high level of care and the right amount of support, so the success rate that a facility has should be a significant factor when deciding.

Do you wish to know more about detox centers in Orange County and how the process works? We are here at Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, ensure you or your loved one has all the guidance and support necessary to build a solid foundation for recovery. If you have questions about our programs or wish to inquire about success rates, we invite you to call our staff at (866) 434-1330. Click here to verify your insurance so you can start the first steps into a healthier, sober lifestyle. We are always here to assist and get you pointed in the right direction.