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Drug Rehab Orange County CA

Most people who develop a substance abuse disorder will eventually feel they have the power to overcome it. However, many end up disappointed once they quit and relapse weeks or months later. The idea that anyone can stop without help at a quality drug rehab in Orange County, CA, is hard to swallow. Most substance abuse professionals say someone with any dependence should be looking for structured addiction treatment.

Remember: Addiction Is A Disease

Some of the people who are potential candidates for Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment need to remember this is a disease/complex mental disorder. Addiction is a type of brain disease that significantly changes the structure of the human brain. Such a change makes it difficult for someone with drug or alcohol dependence to quit without the help of substance abuse treatment for Christians.

As a significant physical illness, addiction calls for professional intervention and treatment, just like other chronic diseases. Some instances call for the addict to spend time at an inpatient facility so they can be closely monitored. Throughout treatment at an inpatient drug rehab in Orange County, CA, the patient gets behavioral therapy, medication, and recovery support.

Withdrawal Is Not Something To Go Through Alone

It is better to choose a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab that can support you during the withdrawal process. Drug and alcohol withdrawal is risky, often putting the addict’s life in danger. Several substances could be hazardous to withdraw from on your own, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Sedatives
  • Heroin
  • And others

Quitting on your own rather than getting help at a Christian alcohol and drug rehab program could trigger massive withdrawal symptoms with significant consequences. The withdrawals may include muscle pain, hallucinations, tremors, delusion, heavy sweating, nausea/vomiting, and suicidal thoughts. In severe cases, it could mean dire side effects such as seizures, heart attack, or stroke.

With all the risks involved during the withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, it is advised to seek help from trusted drug and alcohol rehab centers. The right program will be tailored to the needs of each addict, involving one on one therapy, medications to ease withdrawals, coping skills, group counseling, and ongoing support. At a qualified detox center, you will also have medical monitoring by professionals that know how to act should something go wrong.

Professional Intervention Is Best

While you may feel you can start withdrawing from drugs or alcohol on your own, studies have shown that a trusted detox and rehab center is much safer and more efficient overall. Here at Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, we work to ensure safety and support for all of our patients during this challenging journey.

Do you want to know more about entering drug rehab in Orange County, CA, to get the needed help? We are here to address all your questions and concerns at Christian Tract. Get in touch with our staff by calling (866) 434-1330, and we can go over our programs in detail. Verify your insurance to get started today!