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Orange County CA Rehab

Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, is a highly acclaimed Orange County, CA rehab with faith-based healing programs, excellent detox options, and personalized recovery blueprints. Our clinicians work with each client in recovery and guide them towards sobriety one day at a time.

About Us

Our Christian treatment center aims to treat each client individually and addresses their physical, mental, and spiritual problems rather than simply resolving the symptoms of their addiction. Our God-centered programs allow recovering addicts to attain lasting recovery. Our comprehensive programs include:

  • Detoxification
  • Multiple Levels of Care – Detox, Residential, PHP & IOP
  • Alcohol Treatment
  • Drug Treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As one of the best Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers, we see addiction as a disease that requires a God-centered approach to healing. We combine it with evidence-based treatments and practices like 12-step programs, therapeutic workshops, individual psychotherapy, psycho-educational groups, and family therapy, helping our clients garner the best treatment outcome. 

We also offer spiritual counseling and development, physical fitness and nutritional guidance, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and art and dramatic arts therapy programs to keep recovering addicts busy, relaxed, and entertained. As a pioneer in faith-based drug and alcohol rehab, our clinicians create a therapeutic plan for each patient based on their addiction history, physical health, mental health, and spiritual needs. Our customized recovery approach gives each client the individual attention they need to achieve their wellness goals.

How To Overcome Addiction At Home?

Beating addiction at home is more complex than you think. Some side-effects of quitting drugs or alcohol cold turkey can be dangerous and cause life-threatening consequences. It is pivotal that you sign up for Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment for a safe and speedy recovery from your behavioral and mental disorders.

Also, professional substance abuse treatment for Christians can help you learn about the root cause of your addiction and help you heal from it. You are more likely to achieve comprehensive recovery from addiction with professional addiction treatment than at home. More importantly, you will learn essential coping mechanisms and survival skills and develop critical interpersonal and communication capabilities, allowing you to maintain lasting success with sobriety.

Should I Choose A Faith-Based Rehab For Recovery?

Choosing a Christian alcohol and drug rehab program over traditional therapies has its own benefits. You will feel at ease and relaxed in a faith-based rehab, as you will participate in treatment with like-minded individuals.

 The peer support you receive at a faith-based treatment center can provide you with a sense of community and reinforce your commitment to sobriety in the long term. Also, it reduces your risk for relapse significantly. When recovering addicts know that they are answerable to a higher power, they are less likely to engage in futile and unproductive behaviors. 

Contact our Orange County, CA, rehab to get a fresh start in life. Christian Tract is a top-notch rehab center with holistic therapies, individualized treatments, round-the-clock medical care, and several recovery options. Verify your insurance with us today.