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Orange County Rehab

Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, is a premier Orange County rehab with faith-based programs and excellent reviews from past clients. We accept most insurance plans and provide addiction treatment at affordable prices in a cozy, comfortable, and home-like rehab facility.

What Makes Faith-Based Recovery Programs Successful?

Faith-based programs create a sense of accountability, helping recovering addicts make more thoughtful and conscious decisions. Faith-based programs equip recovering addicts with healthy coping mechanisms, moral resolve, and survival skills, helping them maintain sobriety in the long term. 

Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers have a high success rate than traditional rehabs as they help recovering addicts maintain sobriety for more than a year after professional addiction treatment. It also provides recovering addicts a sense of community, allowing them to heal and recover from addiction in sober fellowship.

Advantages Of Christian Addiction Treatment

Studies suggest that evidence-based addiction treatment rooted in a spiritual ideology appeals more to those struggling with substance abuse than traditional healing approaches. 75% of all addiction recovery programs in the US are faith-based for this primary reason. Some of the advantages of a faith-based drug rehab center include:

  1. Christian Principles Guide Recovery

Some common emotions shared by those in recovery include hopelessness, shame, and guilt about their addiction and life circumstances. Lacking confidence and poor self-image often become the root cause of drug use and ongoing addiction. Our Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment teach love, forgiveness, hope, and charity, empowering recovering addicts with the ability to come out of their darkness.

  1. The Presence Of Like-Minded Peers

Christian alcohol and drug rehab programs provide you with a sense of accountability and support. You will have the love and support of individuals dealing with similar evils as you. However, having a sense of family and community with people sharing the belief system and ideologies can play a decissive part in your life after your rehab treatment. 

  1. Better Chances For Recovery

Substance abuse treatment for Christians aligns with your beliefs, treatment protocols, family, and church. It creates a firm foundation for recovery as you work towards sobriety and delivers better treatment outcomes.

Overview Of Our Boundaries Workshop

Boundaries are crucial in any relationship. These healthy limits help people in a relationship have more control over their lives. Individuals diagnosed with substance abuse disorders usually have poor boundaries. Having no boundaries negatively manifests in their lives in several ways, like not knowing when to say “no,” placing others’ needs before their own, obsessing over another person, etc.

People in emotionally draining relationships also let others control their actions, giving too much or taking too much from others. These high expectations of others or low expectations of themselves can cause them to suffer from depression, PTSD, and other mental health issues.

Our boundaries workshop impact the overall well-being of recovering addicts and help them become spiritually mature and lead a free and liberating life. Our faith-based drug and alcohol rehab offers a program for recovering addicts that helps them learn about healthy boundaries. 

Verify your insurance with us at 866-434-1330 to begin a liberating journey towards sobriety. We are the best Orange County rehab with specialized healing programs like boundaries workshops and family recovery sessions. Join Christian Tract, Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment, to renew your faith in God and find your way to sobriety.