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The Power of Prayer in Addiction Recovery

Our modern word “prayer” comes from a Latin word originally related to humble requests and needs. Whether or not you were raised in a religious background, there have been incredible results of prayer being used to help individuals successfully navigate addiction recovery. Many individuals note having a “recovery prayer,” or a prayer that asks for strength during challenging moments in recovery helps them access healing energy, and puts the Lord’s will above that of their own desires.

However, in religious tradition, praying doesn’t just have to be a list of one’s own desires. It doesn’t even take belief in a higher power to experience the healing hand of prayer. Praying can be a powerful tool used to strengthen one’s emotional health and encourage a person’s addiction recovery and continued sobriety by requesting healing power through divine energy.

The Connection Between Addiction Recovery and Prayer

Addiction is defined as a chronic mental illness that manifests as substance dependence. It has been proven there are genetic factors that cause the nervous system of some individuals to be more susceptible to addiction than others.

Prayer for Strength

Through addiction treatment facilities and a variety of treatment options, it has been proven an individual struggling with addiction can recover and stay sober. However, just as addiction looks different for each individual, every individual will have their own process and steps on their recovery journey. For many, prayer can be crucial in helping an individual find the self-power toward addiction recovery, and feel life-giving powers flow from their prayers into strength for the future.

Prayer for Comfort

Prayer is intended to be an active conversation with a higher power. The regular ritual of prayer is believed to offer spiritual healing in God’s unfailing mercy, but it can also help take away the sharp edges of everyday life. Praying helps people practice patient understanding and hope for a better future.

Prayer for Connection

Often, a person’s greatest enemy is the feeling of being alone. Prayers can remind anyone of the life-enriching community of their faith family and take away the emotion of isolation. This can help an individual face future problems with less tension and frustration, overall guiding them toward a more successful life.

Prayer and Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has used prayer as a resource for those who struggle with addiction since its founding in 1935. One of the most famous prayers connected to alcohol and drug addiction is the serenity prayer.

The Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

The practice of reciting prayers like these has proven to increase brain activity related to emotional control. This helps a person better ignore the cravings related to substance abuse and stay sober in their daily life by putting their own desire on the backburner while prioritizing healing.

Prayer and Mental Health

Praying has also been proven to reduce stress and increase a person’s sense of inner peace. Those who participate in regular group or solo praying experience slower breathing and decreased blood pressure. This can give a person struggling with drug abuse or alcoholism the power to overcome mental health difficulties like depression and anxiety.

 Prayer has also been proven to increase a person’s feelings of hope and compassion, two powerful emotional tools on the recovery journey. Whether or not you were raised with prayer as part of your daily life, the benefits are undeniable.

Recovery Through Faith-Based Healing

Are you ready to bear witness to the life-giving powers of prayer in your addiction recovery? Do you feel called to turn your life around and commit to the calling of a higher power? Do you believe God has plans for your life?

Contact us today and learn how faith-based treatment can create change and healing in your life for sustainable sobriety. Healing is possible. We are here to let you know you are not alone and guide you on the journey. Call today.