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Christian Drug Rehab Georgia

Substance abuse has a wide breadth of impact. It has a lasting effect not only on the sufferer’s physical health and mental health, but the relationships of those in their life are negatively impacted by the addiction. The overwhelming impact drug and alcohol abuse have on a family unit means that receiving professional care that aligns with your values is of the utmost importance. Our Christian drug rehab in Georgia focuses on full-body healing. Not only do our treatment strategies help with the physical side effects of substance abuse, but provides healing in family relationships, friendships, and perhaps most importantly, an individual’s relationship with Christ.

If you are in Georgia and you are looking to make real and lasting life changes, consider the Christian treatment tract, LINKS for drug and alcohol addiction at Northbound Treatment Center. Our Georgia Christian drug rehab center has trained professionals that are experts in both recovery and using treatment methods that incorporate biblical principles and healing through faith. You’ll be provided with the tools you need to overcome your addiction and be equipped with faith-based strategies for a sustainable recovery.

Our Christian Drug Rehab Programs

No matter your background or what type of addiction you have struggled with in the past, there is a Christian-based treatment option that will prioritize your recovery. All of our team members are equipped to assess your needs and provide treatment that caters directly to the challenges you are facing and your recovery goals.


Detoxification (detox) is necessary for some types of addictions and our treatment program is available for those entering the beginning stages of recovery. The detoxification process involves the clearing of the body of drugs and/or alcohol. During this process, patients are monitored for withdrawal symptoms and given professional medical support all while promoting prayer, biblical teachings, and putting faith at the forefront.

Inpatient Treatment

Our inpatient (residential) treatment allows the patient to live at the rehab facility and receive positive reinforcement from Christian medical professionals and therapists for the duration of their treatment. Inpatient treatment is considered a high level of care and is often the best choice for patients that struggle with accountability, or are at the beginning stages of their recovery process.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment provides many of the same tools as inpatient treatment, but with a more relaxed approach. LINK’s outpatient facility is for patients who have already completed a prior treatment, need more flexibility due to family or work responsibilities, or have a less severe addiction but want to maintain the positive atmosphere of Christian drug rehab in Georgia. With outpatient treatment, a patient comes in throughout the week for a few hours to learn coping tools, process emotions, and work through any issues while integrating Christian principles.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

For those struggling with mental health concerns such as depressionPTSD, or bipolar disorder, a dual diagnosis treatment program is necessary in order to deal with the underlying effects of addiction. This program uses trained Christian counselors and qualified medical professionals to ensure all of our patients get the mental health assistance they need while developing coping strategies for their addiction.

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Specialized Services

All programs at our Christian drug rehab in Georgia include the following interactive treatments that incorporate Christ’s teachings with strategies for maintaining sobriety:

  • 12 step programs
  • Therapeutic
  • workshops
  • Individual
  • psychotherapy
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Family therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Peer to peer group therapy
  • Spiritual counseling and development
  • Physical fitness and nutritional guidance
  • Cognitive Behavioral
  • Therapy (CBT)
  • Art and Dramatic Arts Therapy
  • Therapeutic projects and assignments

The Christian Rehab Difference

Studies have shown that those who integrate faith into their healing process are more likely to achieve lasting recovery. This is why we integrate biblical principles into all of our treatment methods. All of our strategies are faith and Bible-based, and incorporate one of the tenets of Christian drug rehab:


  1. Accepting help to overcome addiction, not trying to do it alone
  2. Resisting negative influences and peer pressure when making decisions
  3. Rejecting negative habits and thought processes that lead to substance abuse
  4. Experiencing God through fellowship and reading scripture
  5. Addressing deeper core issues and gaining freedom from past traumas, hurts, and resentments
  6. Restoring and maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family, and co-workers
  7. Living out personal convictions in the right relationship with God and learning to say “no”
  8. Establishing and protecting boundaries—and distinguishing God’s will from their own
  9. Abandoning self-defeating patterns that lead to drug or alcohol relapse
  10. Realizing self-dignity and worth through God’s eyes
  11. Becoming the best version of yourself, your true self, as intended by God


Faith-based addiction treatment relies on the idea of forgiveness, repentance, and salvation. Christ died so we could be given a new chance at life and have our past and mistakes washed clean. It does not matter the extent of your addiction or how long you have been suffering, there is forgiveness and grace waiting for anyone who chooses to accept.

For long-term sobriety, a belief in a higher power and a purpose for tomorrow positively impacts the recovery journey and provides patients with motivation to remain sober and have hope for the future. Faith in something bigger than ourselves and our addiction. This is what makes Christian drug rehab in Georgia a positive solution for those who are looking to create lasting change.

Taking the Next Steps: Christian Drug Rehab Georgia

If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol or drug abuse, reach out to us at LINKS and discover the positive impact a rehab program that centers around Christian values can have on the recovery process. Whether faith has been a significant part of your life, or if you are learning that reliance on something bigger than yourself is mandatory for healing, you will find open arms and a culture of love at our Christian drug rehab in Georgia.

Get The Help You Need!

There are several rehabilitation centers that are ready to serve you. All you need to do is reach out. It is very important to get help with your drug addiction. It is only a matter of time before your addiction takes complete control of your life. You may have several dreams that you wanted to fulfill but because of your addiction, you have been held back.

Everyone has the right to live their lives to the fullest. Then, why should you let it go to waste? If not for yourself, get help for the sake of your family. Your drug addiction is not ruining your life alone but is also a negative influence on the lives of those around you. With the best help, you will be able to turn your life around for the better.