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Program for Families

Families are deeply impacted by addiction. Members of the family can feel confused, helpless, angry, and frustrated. Dealing with the addiction of a family member can take an emotional, physical, and spiritual toll on the family’s well being. The family suffers from addiction alongside the addict. Just as the individual needs to recover, the family needs to recover. The family will have their own stresses and feelings related to addiction that will need to be addressed. Our Christian alcohol treatment offers a family wellness program that helps you understand that you are not at fault for the problems of your loved ones. Through family wellness you will learn about addiction, denial, enabling, coping skills, and more through group and educational sessions. This is where you will begin to reconstruct your family relationships. With guidance and education, the family will learn they didn’t create the problem and can’t cure the problem. Addiction recovery is more successful with family therapy. When families invest in the recovery of a loved one everyone benefits and heals.